The All-In-One solution to manage Group Subscription Plans. Split costs and Communicate through a Network with your sharing mates.

Condividere il costo di prodotti e servizi digitali con Together Price


Invictus, Dropbox, Nintendo Switch and so much more digital products and services that can be shared among family members, households, friends and co-workers!

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Together Price manages all the sharing stages in an easy way: Sharing Groups are made by two or more people who are allowed to access the same product or service while joining a Group Subscription Plan. As you are aware, each Service Provider has different rules in relation to the categories of individuals with whom users may share their account.

Together Price condividere prodotti e servizi digitali


Gec giochi elettronici competitivi
Creare condivisione su together price

1. Crea una condivisione

Inserisci dati e il numero
delle persone con cui vuoi

accettare richieste di partecipazione

2. Accetta le richieste

Da parte delle persone
che vogliono entrare
nella tua condivisione.

ricevere quote su together price

3. Ricevi le quote

Controlla il saldo nel
TP Wallet – il portafoglio
digitale di Together Price.

Trovare condivisione together price

1. Trova la condivisione

Scegli il servizio o
il prodotto che preferisci

Together price ricevere richieste

2. Invia la richiesta

Invia una richiesta di
partecipazione all’admin.

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Invia le quote

Paga la tuo quota con
Mastercard o Visa.

Creare condivisione su together price

1. Create a sharing group

accettare richieste di partecipazione

2. Add sharing group members

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3. Receive their part of the bill

Trovare condivisione together price

1. Find the sharing group

Choose the service or product
you’d prefer to share

Together price ricevere richieste

2. Send the request

Send the admin the request for participation

ricevere quote su together price

3. Send the dues

Pay your due via
Mastercard or Visa.

Is sharing access to a product or service legal?
The answer is YES while joining Group Subscription Plans.

A wide range of digital Service Providers offer Group Subscription Plans with a broader offer compared to basic plans. Thanks to Group Subscription Plans it is possible to save money by sharing the use of those Products and Services solely within the scope permitted by the relevant Service’s terms of use.

But I already do it!

At Together Price we do not think we have invented the concept of sharing.
We simply offer the technology to do it in the safest and comfortable way possible. If you want to start sharing and you want to say goodbye to remind your sharing group members to pay their part of the bill each month… You’ve come to the right place 🙂

Maximum reliability

4 reasons why you can share your account without worries:

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icona ssl

SSL Certificate

The entire platform and its transactions take place in a secure environment with an SSL security certificate.

icona validazione

Validation period:

You have 25 days of credit verification and protection during which you can ask for your money back in case there are any problems. This serves to discourage any misconduct while sharing.

trusted oriented icon

Trust Oriented:

Based on personal data controls, reviews and behavior, we apply a reliability rating on all users.

icona lemonway

Lemon Way

We use the BNL-BNP Paribas payment system with anti-fraud data protection, which identifies and warns of unusual customer behavior in real time.

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