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Create, share and get paid. Pay less for more.

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Here you find what you need.

Discover a world of products and services that align with your interests and are being shared within the network!

Unlock the power to create customized groups for seamless expense sharing.

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Yes, you are the manager.

Own the power of control! As the owner, take charge of your shared expenses. Seamlessly manage budgets among participants and enjoy a host of additional features! Unleash the potential of hassle-free expense management like never before!

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Check. Check. Check

Unleash your administrative prowess and stay in the driver's seat! With our intuitive platform, you have the power to effortlessly monitor every aspect.

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Command the price, participants, splitting method, payment status, renewal dates, and more! Experience the freedom of limitless control. Phew! There's practically nothing you can't accomplish here.

It’s your money.

Once you've been paid, it's up to you how to handle those funds. You can pocket them, take them out, or, well, take them out! Keep tabs on when, how, and why you received payments.

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Enjoy the perks of available promotions and easily manage your preferred payment method, the trusty card you have saved for seamless transactions. It's all in your hands!