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Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2021
June 30, 2021
2 min
Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2021

There are so many different live TV streaming services to choose from nowadays. What’s considered the “best” for one person is not necessary the “best” for another. There are a multitude of factors where some may deem more important than others: most channels, features, price. I will list the most popular live tv streaming services available today and then will give my opinion on what I think the best live TV streaming services of 2021 that you should subscribe to today.

These are the popular live TV streaming services

-YouTube TV -Hulu+ Live TV -fuboTV -Sling TV -Philo -AT&T TV

Which live TV streaming service has local channels?

One of the best features of Youtube TV is that it detects your geographic region to provide local affiliate channels in your area. YouTube TV lets you watch all your favorite shows, sports games and news with well over 70 channels including ABC, CBS, FOX NBC & ESPN.

Best Live TV Streaming Service

I have tested all of the tv streaming services outlined and I can say with confidence Youtube TV is the “best” for me. I can still watch my local stations with Youtube TV. I am able to watch all of the sporting events in my area. This includes NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL games & even Indy 500 racing. Best of all I can watch Youtube TV on a multitude of devices. I am able to watch it on any TV with a chromecast, and can stream on the go with any iOS and Android device.

Cloud DVR

Youtube TV has a cloud DVR where you can record any movie or TV show to watch later at your choosing. The storage is unlimited and has no up-charge to use it (unlike other services out there). This is what makes Youtube TV a clear-cut winner. If there are 5 simultaneous programs on at the same time, you’re able to record them all onto the DVR. There is no limit on how much you can record, and the recordings are kept for 9 months. If you’re a sports fan, like myself, you will love Youtube TV. They have more news and sports than most of their competitors. And if you’re a big NBA fan you can login with your league pass so that you can access all of the games right on the Youtube TV Platform.

Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2021

The only down draw for me is the price. It’s $64.99 per month (roughy $800 annually). It’s actually on par with the other services but I consider it a bit pricey. When Youtube TV just came out, it was only $35/month, but over time it has increased to nearly double. I think Youtube TV is the best live tv streaming service for many reasons, most importantly: local channels, sports options, and accessibility across many platforms. Best of all there is no contract! You can cancel anytime. To save up to 80% on your live TV streaming, go to and sign up for an account today. You can also get access to live/on-demand video streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video ($3.99/mo), Netflix ($5.49/mo), Disney+ ($2.99/mo), as well as various others.



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