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Fubo TV Cost: How To Save

July 31, 2021
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Fubo TV Cost: How To Save

In recent years, cable-cutting platforms have infiltrated the entertainment industry, and people have been favouring live TV streaming services, like Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple Tv, etc. FuboTV is among these platforms.

This leading digital publisher in live streaming entertainment networks offers as many as 158 premium channels, a 1,000-hours of cloud DVR, a live TV streaming service, and high-resolution streaming sports events.

There is no cable box or contract. It is an exceptional alternative if you like to keep access to your favourite channels. But how much does a Fubo TV Cost?

If you want to save on the cost of Fubo TV Pro, head over to Together Price. So, instead of paying $69.99, you can share Fubo TV with another person saving 50%, which is $34.99.

How much is FUBO TV per month?

Fubo TV plans and prices

If the Fubo TV cost is a concern, you can choose from three different packages:

FuboTV Pro costs $69.99 and is hugely identical to the Family Plan when it comes to channel selection. However, it is more desirable for larger families since the DVR receives a huge increase of 1000 hours and 10 simultaneous streams at home and two outside the home.

Upgrading to the Elite Plan package, which costs $79.99 monthly, includes the same channels as the Starter Plan and will unlock 47 additional sports and entertainment channels. Plus, a boost in Cloud DVR storage of 1,000 hours and can stream 10 devices simultaneously and two outside the home.

Lastly, there is a Latino Quarterly plan that is $32.99 per month for Spanish-speaking subscribers. This plan gives access to 32 channels, a Cloud DVR storage of 250 hours, and can stream two devices at once.

If you would like to add a third simultaneous stream it would cost $5.99 a month on top of your chosen plan.

Depending on your location, FuboTV sports channels also include local channels and Regional Sports Networks, such as ABC News Live, CBS Sports Networks, Fox News, Fox Soccer, NBC News, and NBA TV.

How to create your Fubo TV account

1. Go to with your preferred web browser. 2. To begin your free trial, click the “Start Free Trial” button. 3. Enter your email address and a strong, one-time password. (Alternatively, utilize the single-sign-on option.) 4. Choose your preferred plan and click “Start Free Trial.” 5. Select your add-ons and any more packages. 6. Continue to the previous step by clicking the “Continue to Last Step” button. 7. Fill enter your payment details. 8. Click the “Start Watching Fubo TV” button

How long is the free trial on FuboTV?


FuboTV is a bit more costly than other live streaming services, though several features are invaluable. It has more sports channels, and its channel list likewise incorporates news, lifestyle, entertainment, and channels for kids.

If you’re considering ditching your cable TV or searching for a new streaming service, fuboTV is a great option.

As a new member, you can try and exploit the Fubo TV free seven-day trial; however, it requires a credit card. Withdrawing your trial will instantly deactivate your account, contrary to some free trials.

And like many free trials, you’ll be converted to a full Fubo TV account and charged for a full month if you do not cancel before seven days have elapsed.

Is the cost of Fubo worth it?

Fubo TV is a less expensive alternative to cable that won’t cut you off from local programs if you want to cut the cord, but don’t want to lose access to local broadcasts.

It currently has the widest range of channels of any platform. In addition, you’ll be able to view a variety of live sporting events in 4K resolution.

Fubo TV is the same price as Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV. However, depending on your tastes, any of these services may be more appealing to you than Fubo TV.

Hulu + Live TV offers fewer channels (at least 70) than Fubo’s basic plan, but it includes a large library of on-demand programs and movies, as well as premium add-ons like HBO Max, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus.

However, those enticing extras may pile up to the point where you’d be better off sticking with cable.

If you want to compare your choices, check up on the most recent HBO Max and ESPN Plus rates. We’ve also got the most recent Disney Plus packages covered.

YouTube TV has over 85 live channels, unlimited DVR storage, and premium add-ons such as HBO Max and Showtime. Because of NFL Red Zone and Fox College Sports, YouTube TV will please pro and college sports enthusiasts, but foreign sports lovers will be disappointed.

Sling TV offers live TV and live sports programming, but with fewer channels. Sling Tv provides a lot of channels with their add-on packages though, but you have to pay more for them.

Finally, if live TV — particularly sports events from across the globe — is your goal, Fubo TV is well worth the cost.

With over 100 national and international stations at your disposal, you’ll never be bored with such a wide variety of live programming.

How to pay less for Fubo TV

You can customize your Fubo TV experience by creating a profile. Your Fubo TV account allows you to create up to six profiles.

Each profile has its own set of preferred channels, programs to watch, and recordings so you can enjoy sports channels as much as you want.

If you subscribe to the Fubo TV Standard plan, you may watch on two screens at the same time.

However, if you subscribe to the Fubo Family or Fubo Ultra plans, you will be able to watch three FuboTV streams at the same time.

Many people already save by sharing Fubo TV with family and friends. If you are interested in sharing, we recommend using Together Price. If you’re having a hard time paying or allocating your budget to your favourite TV live streaming, Together Price is here to save you.

Together Price

Together Price

With Together Price, you can share Fubo TV costs legally either by being an Admin or becoming a Joiner on this platform.

If you’re worried about losing access to international sports channels, MLB network, or Fox News, Together Price is here for you!

As Fubo TV offers simultaneous streams, and in some offers - unlimited simultaneous streams - you can share your Fubo TV account with your loved ones or other people on the platform, which will cut down the cost by less than half.

How to become a Joiner:

become a Joiner

  • Make an account on Together Price, which is totally free.
  • Fill in all the necessary details.
  • Choose the subscription you want; in this case, it’s FuboTV and the subscription of your choice.
  • Find a group you like, or join a friend or family member’s group.
  • Wait for the admin to accept your request.
  • Watch Fubo TV for half the cost and pay your part monthly. A small commission fee goes to Together Price for managing this service. It’s less than a dollar.

If you are not a fan of the service or didn’t enjoy the content, you can claim back your money from Together Price in 25 days.

How to become an Admin:

become an Admin

  • Sign up on Together Price.
  • Fill in all the details.
  • Create a group. You can make it public or private.
  • Wait for others to join, or if it’s a private account, you can send invitations about your group via email.
  • Get money from your group members every month for your subscription.

Summing Up

What are you waiting for? Share the cost of Fubo TV on Together Price and start watching the Disney Channel, the Cooking Channel, BBC America, the Tennis Channel, Fox Business network, and much much more!