SHARE Microsoft 365 TO SAVE

SHARE Microsoft 365 TO SAVE

Microsoft 365 is sharable among 6 users. Pay less than

$1.66 per month


SHARE Microsoft 365 USING Together price

Together Price is the platform that allows you to share the cost of digital multi-account subscriptions in a simple and secure way.

Share your Microsoft 365 subscription in just 3 steps:

Register and click on “Become Admin” if you have already purchased a monthly Microsoft 365 subscription and want to make available the accounts you do not use
Create a Microsoft 365 sharing group by indicating the number of people whom you want to share with. You can share a maximum of 5 slots
Once the group is completed, each participant will send you his payment to use your subscription. You will receive a maximum of $8.33 if you share 5 slots

Follow these simple 3 steps to join a Microsoft 365 group

Click on “Become a Joiner” and in the search bar type Microsoft 365
Once you’ve found the group, submit a request to join
Pay $2.65 to get one month of Microsoft 365. You have 25 days to request a refund.

If you study, you work, you are a freelance professional, or use the computer a lot, you probably already know the Microsoft Office package. You probably also know that unlike it used to be when you just had to buy the license to install the package on your computer, now you can access the world of Microsoft only through a subscription plan.

Microsoft 365 Family lets up to 6 people use the whole package from 6 different devices for $9.99 a month.

This means that it is possible to share the monthly subscription cost and thus only spend $1.66 a month.

Sharing Microsoft 365 Family is fast and straightforward if you use Together Price!

Together Price is the platform that lets you share the cost of your multi-account subscriptions safely and securely. You can access your Microsoft 365 Family account in a few very simple steps.

You can use Together Price in two ways to share Office 365. Either by sharing your own subscription with others becoming the ADMIN of a sharing group, or by participating in someone else’s sharing group, becoming a JOINER.

In the first case, you can use Together Price for free. In the second case, you will have to pay a small amount to manage the various transactions and reimbursements.

We know what you are thinking at the moment: you already share Netflix with your roommates, but nobody ever gives you your money back on time. This is true for almost everyone, and it is the main reason why you should use Together Price.

From today, you can share your online subscriptions with a group securely and safely on Together Price.

Together Price is an innovative platform on which to share your digital services.

It gives you many benefits and advantages in one simple solution:

1. a trusted network based on high levels of control and reliability that can measure the credibility of every user;

2. a Tpassword system for the safety and security of your credentials and access to shared services;

3. a digital Wallet to keep all your payments under control;

4. a dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users. With Together Price, you share and save!

Sharing has never been better with Together Price, and it is convenient as well!

Microsoft 365 Family will only cost $1.66 a month. Multiply the cost by 12 months, and you will notice how much you could save on Together Price!

Can I share Microsoft 365 Family with friends?

Yes, you can. As long as you have bought a Microsoft Office 365 Family subscription, you can share it with other 5 people. You can invite people to share your account by sending a personal invitation or by adding members to your Microsoft family.

How many devices can I install Microsoft 365 Family on?

If you are the active Microsoft 365 Family subscription account holder, you can share your account with up to 5 other members. Each member can install Microsoft 365 Family on all their devices and simultaneously sign in to 5 devices.

How do I share my Family Microsoft 365?

First, go to your Microsoft acccount page. From there, click on “Share Microsoft 365”, then “Add People”. There are three options: by email invitation, by adding a person to your Microsoft family, or by sending a one-time link by email, text or instant message. Voilà!