Netflix subscription plan

Netflix subscription plan

Netflix Premium can be shared among 3 friends that don't live together. This way you will only spend

$11.99 per month


Together Price is the Zipcar of subscriptions

Are you a film and TV series afficionado and looking for a solution to share Netflix with other users while saving on the cost? You are in the right place! Together Price is the platform for sharing the cost of Netflix in very few steps.

Share your Netflix subscription in just 3 steps:

Register and click on “Become an Admin” if you already have a Netflix Premium + 2 Extras account and you want to share your Extras
Create a Netflix sharing group indicating the number of people you’d like to share with. You can share up to 3 Extra accounts
Once you’ve formed the group, each participant will send you their share to use your subscription. You will receive up to $23.98 a month if you share the 2 Extra accounts

Discover how to join a Netflix group on Together Price if you don't have a subscription. It's very easy and advantagious. Here's how:

1. Find a group
Ask the Admin of a group to join
2. Join the group
Once your request has been accepted, pay your share
3. Pay less
Only spend $12.98 a month instead of $35.97

How to share Netflix

To share the cost and find people interested in saving together, all you have to do is register on Together Price and click on “Create your group” if you want to make your Extra accounts available. Otherwise, click on “join” if you want to use someone else’s Extra accounts.

Then, you have to choose which Netflix plan you would like to share. Here are the options you can share:

  • Netflix Premium: you can share this subscription among 4 people residing at the same address. In this case, the price will be $19.99 for the full subscription and $4.99 for each member.

  • Netflix Premium + Extra: you can add up to 2 Extra accounts to your subscription to Netflix Premium with an added cost of $7.99 each. This allows you to share your membership among 3 users living at different addresses. The total monthly cost will therefore be $35.97, divided by 3 is $11.99 for each account.

  • Netflix Standard: costs $15.49 and can be shared between 2 users living at the same address. In this case, the cost comes to $7.47 each.

  • Netflix Standard + Extra you can add 1 Extra account to the Standard one at the cost of $7.99 that summed with the $15.49 of the full account, comes to $23.48 a month. In this case, you can divide the cost with someone else living somewhere else in the USA. The cost would come to 11.99 to have Netflix in Ultra HD.

Does Netflix Offer An Annual Subscription?

No, Netflix does not currently offer an annual plan.

How does subscribing to a Netflix sharing group work on Together Price?

Subscribing to the shared Netflix Premium subscription is very simple and intuitive. Besides, there are no time limits or obligations to make you stay in a group.

You can cancel your participation and leave a group anytime and it is completely free to do so. From the moment you cancel, you will only have to wait for the billing period to expire. You will continue receiving the service until then.

If for whatever reason you should need to request a refund, this option is also completely free. If the request is accepted, the refund takes place after a 25-day cooling-off period on the same payment method used for the purchase.

With Together Price you share and save!

Thanks to the new Netflix rules, you are finally allowed to share the cost of the Premium plan with people you don’t know and only spend $11.99 a month.

What are you waiting for? Register immediately on Together Price to find reliable people whith whom to share the cost of your subscription!