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Best Episodes of Forensic Files

November 16, 2021
5 min
Best Episodes of Forensic Files

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Introduction and Background to the Forensic Files Series

Forensic Files is a TV documentary series with a longstanding reputation for being widely-viewed and well-respected on the Discovery ID channel. The series shows actual cases and how they were solved by law enforcement or legal professionals.

What is Forensic Files?

Forensic Files is all about crimes committed during the past century, mainly in North America. 600 episodes have been collected from more than 1000 cases presented. The episodes are rated PG-13 and are between 45 minutes to an hour-long, making them easy to binge-watch.

Best Forensic Files Episodes on Netflix

1. Transaction Failed Season 12 Episode 6:

A well-respected teacher disappears. Police have to discover whether she’s gone on holiday without telling anyone or if she is the victim of a criminal act. Investigators rely on forensic science to determine the true story about her disappearance.

2. Family Interrupted Season 13 Episode 43:

Season 13 Episode 43 Family Interrupted
An attacker opens fire as a family of four enters their home. He kills two members of the family, injuring the others. He then set the scene to look like a robbery gone wrong. When police piece the evidence together, they discover an unlikely suspect and a meticulously planned conspiracy.

3. Saving Face Season 9 Episode 23:

A woman in Texas suddenly disappears, and investigators immediately think it’s either a case of kidnapping or murder. Police discover that two other women had also disappeared. DNA testing and the use of a skilled forensics artist helps investigators link the crimes to one suspect - an immigrant who targets vulnerable women.

4. Last Will Season 7 Episode 42:

A woman is kidnapped and murdered in South Carolina. She dies two hours after writing her will that the killer will send to the victim’s parents. Investigators will find evidence to convict Larry Gene Ball directly on the document.

5. Bad Blood Season 6 Episode 18:

Season 6 Episode 18 Bad Blood

A doctor drugged and raped one of his patients and his stepdaughter in the hospital where he works. He initially gets away with it by inserting a tube of someone else’s blood into his own arm to pass the DNA test.

6. The Wilson Murder Season 1 Episode 8:

One night a wife comes home after a meeting to find her husband lying in a pool of blood in their bedroom. He had obviously been murdered. Even expert investigators couldn’t agree on the modus operandi and the killer.

7. Frozen In Time Season 7 Episode 22:

A young woman stops her car on a busy California highway. She was never seen again. Police continued to look for her for three years until the trail went cold. They had to wait for new forensic science techniques to be invented to solve the case.

8. Family Ties Season 13 Episode 25:

Season 13 Episode 25 Family Ties
An axe-wielding killer breaks into a couple’s house and murders the husband, badly injuring his wife. Nothing was taken, so it wasn’t a robbery gone bad. A DNA profile extracted from some skin cells found hundreds of miles away will nail the killer and uncover his motive.

9. The List Murders Season 1 Episode 12:

John List was a profoundly religious accountant who murdered his mother, wife, and 3 children before assuming a new identity for 18 years before getting caught. He was arrested thanks to the efforts of a forensic sculptor commissioned by the TV series “America’s Most Wanted”, who created an accurate clay bust of his aged appearance.

10. Sign Of The Zodiac Season 8 Episode 25:

The New York Zodiac Killer, Heriberto Seda, terrorized New York City for six years in the 1990s. He murdered eight random people. With each new victim, a pattern started emerging. The victims were murdered according to their zodiac sign. Police were stumped and were only sure that the killer wasn’t the same as the San Francisco Zodiac Killer. When the killer became sloppy and left traces behind, investigators were able to catch him.

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Summing Up

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