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Getting Netflix for Free Isn’t a Fantasy

July 27, 2021
4 min
Getting Netflix for Free Isn’t a Fantasy

With cable TV quickly becoming a relic of the past, everyone has turned the corner towards streaming – and companies are no different. Unfortunately, that means that those same companies want to capitalize on the latest trends to make a quick buck. You could be lining their coffers just to catch a show after a hard day’s work. Don’t you deserve superior service for inferior prices?

It might sound inconceivable, but nothing is impossible: not when you combine the abilities of Netflix and Together Price.

What is Netflix?

It’s hard to believe that someone hasn’t heard of Netflix yet, but in case you’re out of the loop, Netflix houses award-winning TV shows, films, anime, and more – and it streams them right to your home!

While Netflix has become a household name in recent years, that does not mean it’s affordable for the average family. It’s no surprise that people are searching for alternative means of payment now that Netflix’s prices keep rising. There’s one question everyone wants to know: can we keep our Netflix account without paying its price?

Is Netflix Free?

Every streaming service comes at a cost of some kind and Netflix is no exception. However, while someone has to pay that price, that does not automatically mean you have to be the one to do so. Why don’t we dive into these three tips to get Netflix for FREE?

The first option? Ask your phone or internet providers about any deals they may have! Companies like T-Mobile use programs, such as “Netflix On Us”, to entice new customers with a special service in return. Why not see if your company would be willing to lump television costs into your cell service in exchange for your continued patronage?

Option #2 only works for movies, but it’s still worth mentioning, and that is the Netflix DVD Rental Service. While the Standard and Premiere plans cost $7.99 and $11.99 respectively, you’ll have one whole month of free movies to order as you please before your subscription expires. Get your feet wet with films here and consider spending more on all of Netflix later.

Our last resort is to ask your favorite relative or best friend if they wouldn’t mind sharing their login credentials with you. Your ego might take a hit, but your wallet won’t! That said, not everyone knows someone willing to share their account. Why don’t we discuss the costs overall and then strategize on how we can introduce you to people who will split the bill?

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Netflix has three different payment options for its customers to choose from:

  1. The Netflix Basic Plan, which costs $8.99/month (or $108/year) for one device
  2. The Netflix Standard Plan, which costs $13.99/month (or $168/year) for two devices
  3. The Netflix Premium Plan, which costs $17.99/month (or $216/year) for four devices

Thankfully, Netflix makes the signup process equally as simple. Once you navigate on over to their homepage, you’ll be asked to enter your email. Click the bright red “Get Started” button for them to walk you through determining your password, choosing your plan, and entering your credit card information. That’s it!

You might be thinking that going with the Basic plan is the best for your budget, but think again! Stick with the Premium plan and you have to dish out less than $5 every month for your Netflix access if you divvy up the dues.

Want to sweeten the deal for any potential people splitting the price point? Dig up a Netflix promo code and drill down on that cost all the more. Don’t know where to start? Search through sites like RetailMeNot and Slick Deals, or try applications like Honey, to see if any current deals apply.

That leaves only one thing left to do: pair you with people who will contribute to the bill each month. No need to find them by yourself. Together Price can handle all of that for you!

How to Share a Netflix Account

Before you find your group-to-be, you have an important decision to make: will you be the Admin in charge of the account or a Joiner who pays an Admin in exchange for account access?

If you’re looking to become an Admin, then let’s get you signed up on Together Price!

  • You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Once registered, click on the “Create A Group” option
  • When asked to choose a service, select the “Sling TV” option
  • Enter your plan, price, and how many people to share your subscription with
  • Determine whether you want the group to be publicly accessible or not
  • Add members to your group or wait for them to come to you
  • Collect payments from your group members and distribute their means of access in return

Good news: you have been deemed an Admin! Put your newfound title to use and distribute access to all of your groupmates so that each of you can make the most of your newfound subscription.

Don’t like dealing with the details? Then you ought to register as a Joiner and let the leader handle the responsibilities.

Becoming a Together Price Joiner is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  2. Once registered, use the “Search Groups” taskbar to discover and submit a request to a trustworthy group
  3. Once accepted, submit your contribution to the group Admin in exchange for subscription access

All done? Good – you’ve now got access to broadcasts that will break your heart, broaden your mind, and have you bursting into laughter.

Sign up for Together Price NOW and only spend $4.50 per month for the best shows on Netflix!