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The chair

September 27, 2021
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The Chair is an American dramedy. The lead character Ji-Yoon goes through different personal and professional challenges in life. The Chair also attempts to grapple with problems with contemporary Academia. There is a huge divide between educators and those who seek education. The Chair premiered on Netflix in August 2021, which makes it a new release. The storyline builds up with each episode, making the show highly enthralling. The season became popular very soon, and the public is already asking for season two. The Chair is the most binge-able series on Netflix. Season 1 of The Chair has a total of 6 episodes of 30 minutes each. Here are all the episode titles:

1. Brilliant Mistake 2. The Faculty Party 3. The Town Hall 4. Don’t Kill Bill 5. The Last Bus in Town 6. The Chair


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The whole story revolves around the character of Ji Yoon. Professor Ji Yoon Kim becomes the first African-American woman to head the English department at Pembroke University. While it is a proud moment for her, it also comes with many challenges.

There are enrollment issues and an overall failing of the English department, dominated mainly by white males.

Bill Dobson is also a professor who develops romantic feelings for Ji Yoon while grieving his dead wife’s passing.

Ji Yoon also has an adopted daughter. The story also tells of how she manages her relationship with her.


The Chair was created by Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wyman and stars Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh. The cast of the show is:

• Sandra Oh, as Ji-Yoon Kim, the leading character, obtains the position of Head of the English Department at Pembroke University.

• Jay Duplass, as Bill Dobson, is Ji-Yoon’s friend and lover. He is also her colleague and in a very confused state after his wife died and his daughter left for college.

• Nana Mensah, as Yaz McKay, a young faculty member who is also up for tenure.

• Everly Carganilla, as Ju-Hee, Ji Yoon’s adopted daughter.

• Bob Balaban, as Elliot Rentz, a faculty member of the English department.

• Holland Taylor, as Joan Hambling, a faculty member of the English department.

• David Morse, as Paul Larson, Dean of Pembroke University

Where can I watch The Chair?

The Chair is a Netflix original series. You can watch the TV series on Netflix.

Why do People like this TV Show so much?

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The story of The Chair is engaging. Sandra Oh gives an emphatic and entertaining performance. The dramatic scheme of events also acts as an attracting factor. Overall the series has amazing videography and makes you laugh as well.

According to the critical views on Rotten Tomatoes, the series has spot-on observations about Academia. Rotten Tomatoes also gives the series an 80% positive rating, making The Chair an excellent series to watch.

Will there be season 2 of the comedy-drama The Chair?

There is no confirmation regarding season 2 as yet. However, this is normal as season 1 of The Chair was released recently on August 21, 2021.