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Where To Watch “Samurai Jack”

December 28, 2021
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Samurai Jack is an Emmy Award-winning animated TV show beloved by millions.

The show follows Jack, a young samurai who finds himself thrown hundreds of years into the future by an evil demon named Aku.

Jack finds himself stranded in a foreign land surrounded by alien beings.

Although Samurai Jack appears to be more of a kid’s show at first glance, the deep emotional complexity, including loss and loneliness, quickly reveals to the viewer that it is entertaining for adults as well.

Aesthetically unique with a mixture of dystopian elements, mythology, time travel, aliens, and as the name suggests, samurais, Samurai Jack offers a unique and engaging viewing experience.

Where To Watch Samurai Jack

Different streaming services stream Samurai Jack, depending on the country and the season you want to view.


Samurai Jack


HBO Max has the rights to stream Samurai Jack in America, making it your best bet for binge-watching seasons one to four. Currently, season five is not available for viewing. HBO Max offers two price points: $9.99 with ads or $14.99 without them.


Hoopla offers season one of Samurai Jack but doesn’t carry any others. Although it is a free streaming service for the public, Hoopla is only accessible to users from public libraries that pay for its services.

DirecTV And Adult Swim

Season five is available on DirecTV and Adult Swim for a limited time.

United Kingdom

A scene from Samurai Jack


Every season of Samurai Jack is free for viewers in the UK on the ALL4 streaming platform.



Currently, only season one is available for streaming through Hoopla. The viewer must purchase any other season they would like to watch.


Samurai Jack and Ashi

Watching Samurai Jack in Australia is a little trickier, as you’ll have to jump around with your streaming services to watch all five seasons.


Seasons one and two are available for viewing on Stan, an Australian streaming service. Stan plans start at $10 a month and offer HD or 4K streaming both on and offline. There are ad-free options available, and you can watch on four separate screens simultaneously.

Season three of Samurai Jack is not currently available on any streaming platform in Australia.


Season four is available for viewing on the streaming platform Binge. Binge offers multiple packages to provide you with your perfect streaming experience every time.

Season five of Samurai Jack is not currently available on any streaming platform in Australia.


If you are a follower of Samurai Jack’s adventures, there are a variety of platforms on which to watch it. Depending on where you live, we give you a selection of streaming services that will enable you to watch Samurai Jack. Take your pick and enjoy!