Together Price Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Together Price Gift Program (“The Program”) allows Together Price users (A Together Price user) to earn a voucher of €2,50 euros (“Sharing Voucher”) to be used in future sharing groups.
To participate, Together Price users must accept the following terms, which become part of Together Price Terms of Service. The terms indicated by the first capital letter not defined in this document will have the same value as those indicated in Together Price Terms of Service.
How to obtain a Sharing Voucher
Together Price users can earn a Sharing Voucher if: (i) an invited friend clicks on the invitation link to create a valid account on Together Price in alignment with our Terms and Conditions (ii) immediately after receiving a Sharing Voucher applicable to the sharing cost, completes the payment related to the cost of a shared online service through Together Price Service.
From the moment the User has made his/her payment, the User who generated the invitation will receive a Sharing Voucher of €2,50 euros and will be able to use it to send a participation fee to a new sharing group. The Sharing commission must be sent via Together Price platform.
The maximum cumulative amount of Sharing Vouchers for every User is €25 euros. You are responsible for any tax duties in reference to the use of your Sharing Vouchers. Where applicable, Together Price may need to apply the V.A.T on the services in which the Sharing Vouchers are used.
How to use a Sharing Voucher
The Sharing Voucher can only be used through the website, the Application and Together Price Services. The Sharing Voucher will appear automatically on the Sharing fee submission page and must be used within 6 months from the date it was assigned. After which, the Sharing Voucher will expiry. The Sharing Voucher is a coupon issued for promotional purposes; it has no currency value and cannot be transferred neither converted into money. The Sharing Voucher can only be used individually and for one sharing group at a time. The user cannot accumulate more than one Sharing Voucher and will not be able to combine or add them in order to complete a single payment of a sharing fee.
If the amount of the Sharing fee is more than that of the Sharing
Voucher, the user will have to pay for the difference upon payment.
If the amount of the Sharing fee is less than that of the Sharing
Voucher, the user will not in any way be able to accumulate or transfer the remaining balance of the Sharing Voucher, it will be used as a whole.
One cannot obtain more than one Sharing Voucher by creating multiple accounts on Together Price or by combining or transferring them to individual accounts.
In the case of a sharing fee refund request, the Sharing Voucher is never going to be refunded; only the amount charged on the credit or debit card will be reimbursed to the wallet.
If for some reason you think there may be a discrepancy regarding your Sharing Voucher, please contact us. Together Price may ask you additional information in order to make a decision about it. All decisions regarding the balance of your Sharing Voucher will be final and at the sole discretion of Together Price.
You are responsible for any tax duties in reference to the use of the Sharing Voucher. Where applicable, Together Price may need to apply the V.A.T on the services in which the Sharing Voucher is used.
How to use the invitation link
The invitations must be used for personal purposes not commercial. The invitation links cannot be published or distributed on commercial Websites (e.g., Coupon websites, Reddit or Wikipedia) neither on blogs with a purpose to obtain Sharing Vouchers. For Together Price users is in force the prohibition to make “spam” through the use of invitations. In this practice are included mass emails, text messages or text messages to strangers, the use of automatic systems or bot through any channel in order to distribute your invitation link. For Together Price users is in force the prohibition to carry out payments to post their invitation link.
Friends invited
The invited users who have registered by using a valid invitation link will receive the Sharing Vouchers indicated on the invite or on relevant promotional content, which they can use for their first sharing group on Together Price.
Multiple invitations
An invited user can only use a single invitation link. If an invited friend received more than one invitation link from Together Price users, only the one, whose invitation link is used to complete the registration, will receive the sharing credits.
If any provision of these terms is deemed invalid, void or not applicable, the above provision (or the part of it that makes it invalid, void and not applicable) will be eliminated and will not influence the validity of all other applicable provisions.
Conclusion and Changes
Together Price can suspend or terminate the Sharing Voucher Program or the possibility of a user to participate in such program at any moment and for any reason.
We reserve the right to suspend an account or remove the Sharing Voucher in the presence of any activity we consider abusive, fraudulent or in violation of Together Price Terms of Service and Terms of Payment Service. We also reserve the right to evaluate and control any invitation activity and to suspend an account or modify invitations at our sole discretion where deemed right and appropriate.
The purpose, variety and type of services and products, which can be, obtained by using the Sharing Voucher can change at any time.
Updates to the Terms
We can update these terms at any moment without warning. In the event that we change the terms, we will publish the change on our Website,, and on the applications or services deemed affected by it. The continued participation in the Invitation Program after any modification constitutes acceptance of the updated and/or amended Terms.
Latest update: 30/04/2021