Showtime is sharable among 2 users. Pay only

$3.66 per month


SHARE Showtime USING Together price

Together Price is the platform that allows you to share the cost of digital multi-account subscriptions in a simple and secure way.

Share your Showtime subscription in just 3 steps:

Register and click on “Become Admin” if you have already purchased a monthly Showtime subscription and want to make available the accounts you do not use
Create a Showtime sharing group by indicating the number of people whom you want to share with. You can share a maximum of 2 slots
Once the group is completed, each participant will send you his payment to use your subscription. You will receive a maximum of $7.32 if you share 2 slots

If you don’t have a Showtime subscription …

Follow these simple 3 steps to join a Showtime group

Click on “Become a Joiner” and in the search bar type Showtime
Once you’ve found the group, submit a request to join
Pay $4.65 to get one month of Showtime. You have 25 days to request a refund.

What is Showtime

Showtime is an American premium TV network service whose programming includes original TV series and theatrically released motion pictures, along with mixed martial arts and boxing matches, occasional stand-up comedy specials and TV movies.

The Showtime streaming service offers a back catalogue of episodes of various past and present Showtime original series, available for streaming the same day as their original broadcast on the main linear Showtime channels, plus feature films, documentaries, sports events and analysis programs.

How much does Showtime cost?

The Showtime streaming service offers a monthly or annual subscription.

  • The monthly subscription costs $10.99 a month.

  • The yearly subscription costs $99.00 a year.

After subscribing to one of the two plans, you have a 30 day trial period to decide whether to keep your membership or not. If you choose not to keep your subscription and avoid being charged, you must remember to cancel it, or it will renew automatically after the 30 days.

How to subscribe to Showtime

To subscribe to the Showtime streaming service, go to and select “Start Your Free Trial”. Create a Showtime account as instructed. Enter your payment method and billing information and sign up for the free trial. You can now sign in and watch on or via the app on any of the supported devices. Subscriptions are also available over Amazon Prime, Hulu, Roku, and Apple TV as add-ons.

How to save on Showtime Prime

Showtime Prime allows you to stream on up to 3 different devices simultaneously.

This means you can share your membership with 2 other people, reducing your subscription cost by more than 65%.

We know what you are thinking. You already share your subscriptions with others, and no one ever gives you their fees back on time. Yes, that often happens to everyone, and that’s the main reason you should absolutely use Together Price!

You can now share your online streaming services in a group through Together Price in a legal, safe and secure way. It only takes very few easy steps to get you started.

How to Share Showtime Prime on Together Price

Together Price is the worldwide platform that lets you share the cost of your multi-account subscription in a legitimate, safe and secure way.

Together Price is an innovative platform on which to share your digital services.

Showtime Prime would only cost you $3.66 a month instead of $10.99 by sharing the cost in a group. Multiply the cost by 12 months, and you will notice how much you could save on Together Price.

Together Price gives you many benefits and advantages in one simple solution:

1. a trusted network based on high levels of control and reliability that can measure the credibility of every user;

2. a Tpassword system for the safety and security of your credentials and access to shared services;

3. a digital Wallet to keep all your payments under control;

4. a dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users.

With Together Price, you share and save, and all the hassles are left to us!

Whether you become an Admin or a Joiner on Together Price, you will be able to enjoy the best digital sharing services.

Sharing has never been better with Together Price!


Can you share a Showtime account?

Yes, you can share a Showtime account. You can sign in on 5 different devices, but you can only stream on 3 different devices simultaneously.

What’s the difference between Showtime Anytime and Showtime?

The Showtime streaming service is something anyone can subscribe to for $10.99 per month. On the other hand, Showtime Anytime is an app that subscribers use to stream Showtime on their supported devices.

Is the Showtime app worth it?

Showtime is a good video streaming service with a decent range of original shows and movies-on-demand, besides live streams of Showtime cable channels. If the price is too high, now you know how to share a save on Together Price.