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How to Easily Share Sling TV
July 19, 2021
2 min
How to Easily Share Sling TV

This past year, we’ve needed our favorite TV channels – but instead of paying for hundreds of channels you don’t watch, why not just pay for the ones you do? This is where Sling comes in.

Sling is an affordable online TV service that allows you to pick the channels you actually want to watch. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to cable services, Sling offers great prices for your favorite shows.

And, thanks to Together Price, sharing Sling has never been easier! In this article, we are going to go through the simple steps of sharing your Sling account with Together Price and saving your time and money!

How much does Sling cost?

Sling offers two kinds of affordable plans. Both plans start at $35 per month with the option of paying more for further customization.

The Sling Blue plan is for the more avid TV watcher – offering 3 devices to stream simultaneously and more than 45 popular channels while the Sling Orange plan may be better for a family as it only allows for one device to stream as well as offers 30+ channels.

You can also get the best of both worlds by getting the Sling Blue + Orange plan, which gives you access to the channels in both packages and simultaneous streaming for up to 4 devices for only $45 per month!

While Sling’s prices are already reasonable, especially compared to most cable subscriptions, wouldn’t you prefer cutting the price even further by splitting it with others?

This is where Together Price can help! Together Price is an online sharing service that allows you to seamlessly split the cost of one account by sharing it with friends, family, and more.

Think about it: No more worrying about splitting cable bills. No more getting mad at your friends for mooching off your account. Together Price takes care of all of the costs and billing professionally and securely, so that you can get back to your favorite shows!

How do I use Together Price?

Together Price offers two options for sharing your account: you can either create your own group or join an existing sharing group.

Creating your own group gives you complete control over your type of account, the number of people you are sharing it with, and the people you are sharing it with (example shown below). It’s great if you have a a couple friends or family members who you know want to join in on the savings.

There’s also the option to join an existing group, which is as easy as typing into the Together Price search bar: “Sling Blue + Orange” and choosing a group to join.

If you create or join a Sling Blue + Orange group, you could only be spending $15 per month on all of your favorite channels. So what are you waiting for?

Creating an account couldn’t be more straightforward, so start saving today!



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