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The Secret to Get Spotify Premium Almost Free
July 27, 2021
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The Secret to Get Spotify Premium Almost Free

The Secret to Get Spotify Premium Almost Free

Did you know that listening to music can improve your mood, your memory, and your mental processing? With all of those benefits, it’s no surprise that music streaming services have skyrocketed in popularity. Too bad they can cost an arm and a leg to tune in.

What if we could keep the beats blasting without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, there is – and it’s all thanks to Spotify and Together Price.

What is Spotify?

If you’re new to the music scene, Spotify provides its listeners with the best songs, podcasts, and playlists from creators of every genre. From Dua Lipa to Deathbed Confessions, all of your soon-to-be favorite artists are at your fingertips.

Not sure what to listen to? No worries – just pick a mood or a mix and let the program find the right fit for you!

It almost sounds too good to be true. That begs the question: what’s the catch? After all, this whole service can’t possibly be free…could it?

Is Spotify Free?

Good news: Spotify is FREE! The bad news? Its free version comes with certain stipulations that might have you thinking twice about keeping your cash to yourself.

If you’re in need of a music fix immediately, though, you’re in luck: setting up a free Spotify account can take as little as thirty seconds! All you have to do is head to the Spotify signup page and enter your information in the fields provided. Hit that big, green “Sign up” button down the bottom and you can jam out in mere moments.

The problem is? That jam session is about to be interrupted by your least favorite advertisements. Unless you want to hear about the glory of the corporate world in between every Olivia Rodrigo song, you’d better find a means of making ads disappear – and soon.

If we want to enjoy our tunes uninhibited, we’re going to need a better plan. We’re going to need Spotify Premium.

Does Spotify Premium Have a Free Trial?

Not sure you want to stick with a paid plan yet? Don’t worry: Spotify Premium provides a FREE TRIAL for one whole month to each of its newest subscribers.

Since you already have your free account created, let’s head on over to the premium membership page and pick the perfect plan from their three membership tiers:

  1. Individual, which provides each user with an ad-free experience and offline listening
  2. Duo, which lumps all of the above features in with the ability to stream on two devices
  3. Family, which combines the aforementioned features with the ability to block explicit music and stream music on up to six devices

No matter which plan you pick, you have one month of glorious, uninterrupted listening entirely free of cost. Yet every good thing must come to an end, including your free trial. You could be shelling out ten bucks a month just for music’s sake, but what if we could shrink that cost?

How Much Does Spotify Cost?

Spotify’s three premium tiers each has their own payment option:

  • Their Individual plan costs $9.99/month (or $120/year) for 1 device.
  • Their Duo plan costs $12.99/month (or $156/year) for up to 2 devices.
  • Their Family plan costs $15.99/month (or $192/year) for up to 6 devices.

If you’re paying by yourself, you’d better be ready to empty your wallet. If you skedaddle past the Individual plan and find a Family to split the price with, however, you’ll be sitting pretty before you know it.

The problem? You might not have people to form a family with. The solution? Let’s select the Family plan and use Together Price to seek out people in the same situation.

How to Share a Spotify Account

Before we go any further, you have a crucial choice to make: will you be the Admin in charge of the account or a Joiner who pays an Admin in exchange for account access?

If you’re looking to become an Admin, then let’s get you signed up on Together Price!

  • You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Once registered, click on the “Create A Group” option
  • When asked to choose a service, select the “Spotify Family” option
  • Enter your plan, price, and how many people to share your subscription with
  • Determine whether you want the group to be publicly accessible or not
  • Add members to your group or wait for them to come to you
  • Collect payments from your group members and distribute their means of access in return

Would you look at that? You’re officially an Admin! Spotify Premium allows up to six accounts to utilize its features, so be sure to provide access to each of your newfound Family members.

But let’s say you don’t like dealing with details. You have enough on your plate and don’t need to administrate. Together Price can accommodate you – our newest Joiner-to-be – too!

Becoming a Together Price Joiner is a hop, skip, and a jump away!

  • You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Once registered, use the “Search Groups” taskbar to discover and submit a request to a trustworthy group
  • Once accepted, submit your contribution to the group Admin in exchange for subscription access

With six of you all sharing your newfound power, we have but one decision left to make: what device will house your soundtracks?

Does Spotify Have an App?

Spotify knows its audience wants to rock and roll on the go, which means we need a means of taking our music with us. Thank goodness that Spotify has an app that is FREE to download!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get that Spotify app onto your iPhone, your Android, or your computer. Find whatever device you have on hand the most and start streaming the best tunes in show biz sooner rather than later.

That is everything you need to bring the dulcet tones of Justin Bieber or the thrilling mysteries of Crime Junkies right to your earphones.

Sign up for Together Price NOW and only spend $2.67 per month for the best songs on Spotify!



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