Apple Music is sharable among 6 family members. Pay only

2,49 per month


SHARE Apple Music USING Together price

Together Price is the platform that allows you to share the cost of digital multi-account subscriptions in a simple and secure way.

Share your Apple Music subscription in just 3 steps:

Register and click on “Become Admin” if you have already purchased a monthly Apple Music subscription and want to make available the accounts you do not use
Create a Apple Music sharing group by indicating the number of people whom you want to share with. You can share a maximum of 5 slots
Once the group is completed, each participant will send you his payment to use your subscription. You will receive a maximum of £12.5 if you share 5 slots

If you don’t have an Apple Music Family subscription …

Follow these simple 3 steps to join a Apple Music group

Click on “Become a Joiner” and in the search bar type Apple Music
Once you’ve found the group, submit a request to join
Pay £3.48 to get one month of Apple Music. You have 25 days to request a refund.

Curious about Apple Music? Here’s a summary of what it is, how much it costs, and how you can save on your subscription today with Together Price!

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is an on-demand and subscription-based music and video streaming service based in the US. It was launched by Apple Inc. in 2015 and is now available in over 167 countries around the world. It also offers access to over 75 million songs!

So, how is Apple Music different to Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc.? Apple Music stands out with its spatial audio support and lossless audio feature. Its lossless audio preserves every detail of your songs’ original audio files, which means that you will listen to them exactly the way the artist recorded them. How cool is that!

How Much Does Apple Music Cost?

The cost of Apple Music depends on what subscription plan you choose. Apple Music currently has two paid subscription plans:

Apple Music Voice - £4.99 per month. This plan lets you access Apple Music only with your voice through Siri rather than through the Apple Music app interface. You also only have access to songs, playlists, and radio stations.

Apple Music Individual - £9.99 per month. This plan lets you access Apple Music both through Siri and the app and comes with access to songs, playlists, and radio stations, as well as lyrics and music videos. It also has the added feature of spatial and lossless audio!

How Can You Subscribe to Apple Music?

You can subscribe to Apple Music by going to the Apple Music app on your device and completing these steps:

• Click the ‘Subscribe’ or ‘For You’ option.

• Choose the ‘Three Month Trial’ option and choose your subscription plan – Voice or Individual.

• Choose ‘Use Existing Apple ID’ to enter your Apple ID and password or choose the ‘Create New Apple ID’ option to create your Apple ID and password.

• Enter your payment details and click ‘Join’.

Start listening!

How Can You Save on Apple Music?

You can save on Apple Music with its student or family plan! See their details here:

• Apple Music Student - £4.99 per month. This subscription plan comes with all the benefits of Apple Music Individual but at a much lower price! • Apple Music Family - £14.99 per month. This subscription plan also comes with all the benefits of Apple Music Individual but with six individualised accounts for you and your whole family.

Since Apple Music Family lets you stream on up to six devices at the same time, you can share your membership with five other people and save over 80% of the cost!

How? With Together Price, of course!

How Can You Share Apple Music on Together Price?

Together Price is an innovative platform for sharing digital services that lets you share the cost of your multi-account subscription in a legitimate, safe, and secure way.

With Together Price, Apple Music’s Family plan would only cost you £2.49 a month instead of £14.99 a month by sharing the cost with other people. Multiply this cost by 12 months, and you will notice how much you could save on Together Price!

Together Price gives you many benefits and advantages in one simple solution:

  1. A trusted network based on high levels of control and reliability that can measure the credibility of every user.

  2. A Tpassword system for the safety and security of your credentials and access to shared services.

  3. A digital wallet to keep all your payments under control.

  4. A dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users.

With Together Price, you share and save while all the hassles are left to us!

Whether you become an Admin or a Joiner on Together Price, you will be able to enjoy the best digital sharing services.

Sharing has never been better with Together Price!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Apple Music on My Android Device?

While Apple music works on all Apple devices, you can also use it on your non-Apple device so long as you have access to iTunes on your PC or the Android Apple Music app on your Android device.

Can I Get a Free Apple Music Trial?

Yes, you can! Apple Music comes with a free trial for all new users that lasts for three whole months.

How Do I Cancel My Apple Music Subscription?

You can cancel your Apple Music subscription on your iPhone or iPad by going to settings and following these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Apple ID’ option.
  2. Choose ‘Subscriptions’.
  3. Select your Apple Music subscription and click ‘Cancel Subscription’.