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What is TPassword?

Active only for Netflix, Spotify, NowTV and Disney+ groups.

To keep your digital services details safe, we created a proprietary software where you can store them. It’s a virtual safe space that you can access once you’ve created your sharing group.

To start using TPassword follow the following steps:

  1. Click on “My Groups”
  2. Click on “Created”
  3. Click on the sharing group that you’re interested in
  4. Click on TPassword to start saving your service credentials
  5. Enter the credentials you use to access the service you’re sharing
  6. Click on “Save in TPassword”

Don’t forget the credentials you enter have to be correct: the first joiner who sees them can verify their validity. If the credentials you saved are verified as incorrect, a red key icon will appear next to your group in the network, meaning that the provided credentials don’t guarantee access to the service. On the other hand, if the verification goes well, the sharing group will be visible on the network with a green key icon.

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