Tidal HI-FI Family subscription plan

Tidal HI-FI Family subscription plan

Together Price is the platform that lets you share the cost of online subscriptions. You can join a group and pay less for Tidal HI-FI Family spending only

£2.83 per month


Together Price is the Zipcar of subscriptions

Are you a music lover and looking for a solution to share Tidal HI-FI Family with other users while saving on the cost? You are in the right place! Together Price is the platform for sharing the cost of Tidal HI-FI Family in very few steps.

Share your Tidal HI-FI Family subscription in just 3 steps:

Register and click on “Become an Admin” if you already have an Tidal HI-FI Family subscription and you want to make your surplus accounts available
Create an Tidal HI-FI Family sharing group indicating the number of people you’d like to share with. You can share up to 5 accounts
Once you’ve formed the group, each participant will send you their share to use your subscription. You will receive up to £12.45 a month if you share 5 accounts

How to share Tidal HI-FI Family on Together Price

1. Send a request
Ask the Admin of a group to join
2. Join the group
Once your request has been accepted, pay your share
3. Pay less
Only spend £4.08 a month instead of £16.99

How to share Tidal Hi-Fi Family

Tidal HiFi is the music streaming service that puts high-quality music first, and aims to empower artists too!

How much does Tidal Hi-Fi cost?

Tidal Hi-Fi offers two subscription rates:

  • Tidal Hi-Fi costs £10.99 per month. This standard plan includes access to 80 million songs, ad-free listening, offline listening, unlimited skipping, personalised mixes and radio, HD videos and livestreams, and playlists by Tidal Hi-Fi’s music experts. Using this plan, you can stream music at 1411 kbps.

  • Tidal Hi-Fi Plus costs £19.99 per month. This plan includes all the same benefits as the standard plan, but with the added extras of Master Quality Authenticated file access and immersive sound formats, including Dolby Music and Song 360 Reality Audio. This plan also includes direct artist payouts (where up to 10% of your subscription payment is given to your most-listened artists), as well as the ability to stream music with the best sound quality of 9216 kbps.

  • Tidal HiFi Family costs £16.99 per month. This option comes with all the benefits of the non-family Tidal HiFi plan and allows you to stream on 6 devices at the same time.

  • Tidal HiFi Family Plus costs £29.99 per month. This option comes with all the benefits of the non-family Tidal Hi-Fi Plus plan and allows you to stream on 6 devices at the same time.

Does Tidal HiFi have an annual subscription?

No, Tidal HiFi deso not currently offer an annual subscription option.

How much is a shared Tidal HiFi Family subscription?

A shared Tidal HI-FI Family plan would only cost you £2.83 per month instead of £16.99.

How does subscribing to a Tidal HiFi Family sharing group work? 

Subscribing to the shared Tidal HiFi Family account is very simple and intuitive. Besides, there are no time limits or obligations to make you stay in a group.

You can cancel your participation and leave a group anytime and it is completely free to do so. From the moment you cancel, you will only have to wait for the billing period to expire. You will continue receiving the service until then.

If for whatever reason you should need to request a refund, this option is also completely free. If the request is accepted, the refund takes place after a 25-day cooling-off period on the same payment method used for the purchase.

What does Tidal HiFi offer?

Tidal HiFi is a music streaming service made to emphasise music quality and help empower artists.

With a Tidal account users will get access to over 90 million songs and 450,000 videos, expertly curated playlists, personalised radio stations and much more, all with great quality sound.

Each Tidal plan will directly support the artists creating your music so that both you and the artist benefit from the streaming service.