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How to Easily Share Amazon Prime Video
April 08, 2021
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How to Easily Share Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that allows you access to tons of movies and shows as part of a premium membership plan.

You can sign up for a standalone Prime Video account, or gain access through an Amazon Prime membership.

If you’re looking to enjoy new film and television, Prime Video can be your one-stop-shop for media content.

Let’s take a further look at what Prime Video is and discover how Sharing your Amazon Prime Video account has never been easier with Together Price! You can access some great Prime videos at a fraction of the cost. But how?

What is Prime Video?

Watch thousands of titles from the comfort of multiple devices. Capitalize on a fantastic on-demand streaming service that’s included with every Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Video includes countless TV series, award-winning movies, original programs, and so much more.

With a library of around 24.000 movies and 2.100 shows, you’re spoiled for choice.

The service comes with additional content which you can rent or buy, and over 100 premium channels for maximum viewing enjoyment.

How Much Does Prime Video Cost?

An Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99 per month, while the standalone Prime Video plan costs just $9 per month.

Amazon Prime Video plans

It’s a reasonably priced service, especially considering the additional perks included with the Amazon Prime membership. If you’re not interested in these extras, subscribe to Prime Video on its own and you’ll save even more.

However, like with any subscription-based service, don’t you wish you could split the cost of membership with others? Forking out a monthly membership fee can be a persistently nagging expense.

But can you legitimately share the burden of owning a Prime account and have multiple users on a single membership?

How to Subscribe to Prime Video

Here’s how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Log into or create your account Amazon
  2. Click on the Amazon Prime Video Channels section
  3. Select Sign up now and configure a suitable option

How to Subscribe to Prime Video

Can You Share a Prime Video Account?

Amazon allow each Prime account to have up to six profiles associated with it. Providing you can find fellow users to share an account with, it’s easy to take advantage of real cost savings.

You can share access to a single Prime account by using a feature called Amazon Household. Here you share account access with multiple users and enjoy an array of benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Though this is appealing, it can be difficult to find like-minded people to join a group-shared account. Having to manage payments can bring further complications, not to mention someone having to take charge and coordinate your membership.

However, that’s where services like Together Price are so helpful, where sharing an account couldn’t be any easier.

But what exactly is Together Price and how does it work?

What Do Companies Like Together Price Guarantee?

Together Price take the effort out of joining a group subscription plan.

You can seamlessly join a sharing group for multiple premium services, including Prime Video.

There are two options for users when signing up with Together Price:

You can either become an admin of your own sharing group or join an existing sharing group.

Creating your own group will give you the ultimate say over who joins your shared subscription. As someone who’s looking to join an existing group, you’ll have to seek acceptance from group admins, something which can be better determined by approval ratings.

Together Price ensure every sharing group is full up with the right number of members. In the case of Amazon Prime, users are guided through the process until all six slots have been filled.

Companies like these take care of payments for you, regulate, manage, and oversee each subscription with professionalism and security. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is paying a small monthly fee for access to amazing viewing.

How to Use Together Price

There are two main options to consider:

Sign up as an Admin You’ll become an admin of your own group when you create one. Here’s how to sign up as an admin:

  • Register in Together Price
  • Create a sharing group
  • Add members to your sharing group
  • Receive payment from fellow members
    How to create a amazon prime video sharing group

Sign up as a Joiner! You won’t have the freedom of approving the people you share your account with, but you’ll still enjoy the same benefits. Here’s how to sign up as a joiner:

  • Register in Together Price for free
  • Find a relevant sharing group
  • Send a request to admin to join
  • Send your part of the payment to the account holder

How to join a Prime Video sharing group

Sharing your Prime Video Account is much easier than you’d ever expect. Subscribe to an expert provider and you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t loose your time and start saving with Together Price. Get Prime Video for $2.99!



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