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Where to Watch Cutthroat Kitchen

November 11, 2021
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Cutthroat Kitchen is a cooking competition series on Food Network. It was hosted by Alton Brown and was transmitted from 2013 to 2017.

Four chefs contend against each other in a three-round cooking competition.

The loss of two food shows, Cutthroat Kitchen and Man v. Food, was a massive blow to the Netflix streaming service.

But it doesn’t mean the end to your favourite guilty pleasures. As Variety reports, there are legal means through which you can get access to these great programs elsewhere online.

Suppose they’re not available where you live at the moment, or even if their availability changes in 2017, as reported by Fox News, don’t give up hope just yet.

Find another way with Google Play Movies & TV Premier membership ($12 monthly) or Amazon Prime Video Channels (from $5 to $8 per month).

Check out the latest additions to the Hulu library as well. Beginning from July 13th, plenty of Food Network classics will be available this month, including Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. Hulu has been adding new content at an impressive rate, so don’t miss it.

Cutthroat Kitchen:

Alton Brown in Cutthroat Kitchen

The contestants face auctions where they can purchase opportunities to sabotage one another and win big money prizes.

Each chef starts with $25,000 and must spend it all in auctions. The last cook left standing keeps what money he has left over. This gameplay style has been seen before on other Food Network shows like Chopped or Guy’s Grocery Games.

Jet Tila, Simon Majumdar, and Antonia were the regular judges throughout the show; In 2016, Richard Blais joined the show as a regular host.

Cooking Competition:

The format of the show is just like other cooking shows. In each round, chefs are given a dish to create. However, most dishes have specific ingredients or instructions. Brown occasionally issues broader challenges such as British pub food.

A cutting-edge cooking competition with a twist, the rules are simple: two rounds of savoury dishes, and the third round is dessert.

After the recipe is announced, the chefs have one minute to gather their ingredients from the pantry. They then have 30 minutes to prepare the dish with all the sabotages and difficulties they face along the way.

The judge is isolated in a separate room, unaware of any of the sabotages made. The evaluation of the dish is solely based on three criteria: taste, presentation, aspect.

Food Network:

Food Network is a television channel that airs cooking shows from around the world. It has two different types of show: the daytime one called ‘Kitchen’, for people who want to learn how to make delicious meals at home; and the nighttime one which includes famous competition programs like Iron Chef America or Diners DriveIns&Dives.

The Food Network strives for excellence in all areas, from teaching people how to cook more at home and having entertaining programs where hosts make short videos on various topics.


Cutthroat Kitchen

Is Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix?

No, Cutthroat Kitchen hasn’t been on Netflix since 2017.

Where can I watch all of the Cutthroat Kitchen?

Right now, the latest season of this show can be streamed through __Hulu Plus! You’ll also have access to the show by renting or purchasing it from Google Play Store Vudu, Amazon Instant Video Linked In.

Is Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix or Hulu?

You can watch “The Cutthroat Kitchen” from Hulu if you are a subscribed member. Some of the episodes are on iTunes but only available for streaming at $1.99 each or less if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Is Cutthroat Kitchen on Amazon Prime?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you can watch Cutthroat Kitchen, season 13. Prime Video is $2.99 per episode.

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