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Crunchyroll free: how to Stream Your Favorite Anime
July 27, 2021
3 min
Crunchyroll free: how to Stream Your Favorite Anime

Anime has taken the streaming world by storm. What once began as a niche interest has exploded into a worldwide phenomena, with innumerable new series released each and every year. Which means we have a lot of catching up to do! Paying for each show on its own, however, would cost you quite the pretty penny. So why not watch everything you want at a fraction of the cost? With Crunchyroll and Together Price, we can make that dream into a reality and give you access to Crunchyroll almost free.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll provides access to all of the best anime from around the world. Even better: its users gain access to a community of like-minded enthusiasts that host events, play games, and sell merchandise.

Missing out on the nostalgia of Naruto? Tune into Boruto and continue your ninja journey! Desperate to hunt down evil in Demon Slayer? Crunchroll’s captured every episode! Want to help Eren Yeager free humanity? All four seasons of Attack on Titan are available!

From subs to dubs, they have everything you need. Accommodating all of us otakus, however, doesn’t come cheap.


Is Crunchyroll Free?

It’s rare to find companies offering anything without a fee, but in the words of Naruto, “believe it”: all of Crunchyroll’s basic features come for free. All you have to do is head to the signup page and input your email address, username, password, and birthdate.

That means you can catch up on all of your favorite series…in standard definition…with advertisements. Oh, and that only includes episodes without a crown next to their name – the crowned episodes are for subscribers only.

It’s best to ask yourself: do you want your low-quality broadcast to be interrupted by constant commercials? I wouldn’t. Let’s get you a membership instead – and an affordable one at that – so you can watch in peace.

Does Crunchyroll Have a Free Trial?

Lucky you: Crunchyroll offers a free, 14-day trial for each of their membership options! Once you have signed up for your free account, you can access their premium membership page and choose one of their three membership tiers:

  1. Fan, which provides an ad-free viewing experience, unlimited access to shows, and the ability to stream on one device at a time.
  2. Mega Fan, which provides all the Fan features, plus offline viewing, store discounts, and four streaming devices.
  3. Ultimate Fan, which provides all of the Mega Fan features, plus a swag bag, merchandise deals, and streaming on up to six devices.

Once those two weeks are over and you’re engrossed right in the deepest part of your new binge-worthy series, the bills hit. Why don’t we see what we can do to soften that blow?

Read more about Crunchyroll Price and plans.

How to Share a Crunchyroll Account

Before we go any further, you have a crucial choice to make: will you be the Admin in charge of the account or a Joiner who pays an Admin in exchange for account access?

If you’re looking to become an Admin, then let’s get you signed up on Together Price!

  • You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Once registered, click on the “Create A Group” option
  • When asked to choose a service, select the “Crunchyroll” option
  • Enter your plan, price, and how many people to share your subscription with
  • Determine whether you want the group to be publicly accessible or not
  • Add members to your group or wait for them to come to you
  • Collect payments from your group members and distribute their means of access in return

Congratulations: you’re officially an Admin! Be sure to send the account access to everyone in your group so that each member can tune in – and remember to tell them that only ONE of their devices can utilize Crunchyroll’s features!

But what if all you want is to be a Joiner and not be bogged down with the details? Not to worry – Together Price has just the fix for you, too!

Three easy steps are all that stand between you and a Together Price Joiner account!

  1. You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  2. Once registered, use the “Search Groups” taskbar to discover and submit a request to a trustworthy group
  3. Once accepted, submit your contribution to the group Admin in exchange for subscription access

Now that you have your registration taken care of, there’s only one question left to answer: on what device will you watch your next broadcast?

Does Crunchyroll Have an App?

You might be surprised to know that Crunchyroll is accessible on all modern technology, from computers to Playstation 5’s! But who wants to boot up their desktop or set up a gaming console just to turn on another episode when your phone is already in hand?

The Crunchyroll app can be downloaded for FREE onto iPhones through the App Store or on Androids through the Crunchyroll APK file! Download whichever suits your interests best and binge the weekend away in bed.

That’s all it takes to have the most popular anime and manga from around the world at your disposal anytime, anywhere.

Sign up for Together Price NOW and only spend $2.50 per month for the best anime on Crunchyroll!



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