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Is Tokyo Ghoul Available On Crunchyroll?

February 24, 2022
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Tokyo Ghoul is one of the top Japanese dark fantasy mangas that will take you into a different realm. The best part about this comic book is that it has also been adapted into an anime series. A key feature of anime such as Tokyo Ghoul or Death Note is that the art style is dark and they are not for kids.

If you’d like to watch Tokyo Ghoul, you have come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know about where to see this anime.

What Is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is an American licensing company that streams anime, doramas, and mangas. It is the primary service that allows you to watch and read Japanese content in one place.

However, you should note that the platform does not stream all series. Besides that, you should remember that to access Crunchyroll you need to get a monthly subscription.

This means you will have to pay for a Crunchyroll account to watch the different shows on this platform. Luckily, the monthly fee is relatively more cost-effective than most other services.

Tokyo Ghoul Story

Tokyo Ghoul

In Tokyo, a series of strange and ferocious homicides take place because of the presence of the ghouls. They are monsters that see humans solely as prey and can only eat their flesh.

Ken Kaneki (Natsuki Hanae) is a university student reading literature. One day, he meets Rize (Kana Hanazawa) in a bar. She is a beautiful girl. In reality, she is also a ghoul and Ken soon becomes her prey. Rize lures Ken to an isolated spot where she attacks and wounds him badly. But before being able to eat him, she is also wounded by some beams that fall from a building under construction.

Ken is rushed to hospital urgently where a surgeon, in a desperate attempt to save his life, decides to try an organ transplant. The organs are from Rize’s body, though.

Having survived the impossible, Ken quickly understands that he is no longer human but has become a ghoul human hybrid, or half-ghoul, in a city full of these monsters, where each of them has to fight for their “hunting territory” to eat and survive. The upside is that a half-ghoul is an infinitely more powerful ghoul than a full ghoul.

Ken Kaneki will start working at the Anteiku bar where he finds a group of ghouls who want to live like humans. There he will become friends with Touka (Sora Amamiya) and other ghouls.

A Few Other Characters in Tokyo Ghoul:

Kuki Urie (Kaito Ishikawa) is an investigator who hates ghouls.

Ginshi Shirazu (Yuma Uchida) is an investigator and leader of the Quinx squad.

Tooru Mutsuki (Natsumi Fujiwara) is an investigator who has lost all her family.

Shuu Tsukiyama (Mamore Miyano) is an Anteiku ghoul nicknamed “the gourmet” because extremely picky with his food.

Hinami Fueguchi (Sumire Morohoshi) is an orphan ghoul taken in by the Anteiku.

Kouzen Yoshimura (Takayuki Sugō) is the owner of the Anteiku bar famous for its great coffee.

## Is Tokyo Ghoul anime available on Crunchyroll?

Tokyo Ghoul characters

Tokyo Ghoul is not available on Crunchyroll in the US or elsewhere. The primary reason behind this is that the platform does not have the streaming rights for this series. So it cannot stream the anime without facing multiple legal issues.

Besides that, you will also not find the manga of Tokyo Ghoul on Crunchyroll. This is because another platform called VIZ Media has the rights to release the English version of this Japanese comic book. Simply put, you cannot watch or read Tokyo Ghoul on Crunchyroll.

Is Tokyo Ghoul: Re Available On Crunchyroll?

Tokyo Ghoul is the first season of the sequel of the dark fantasy series. You should also note that this is the third season in the overall Tokyo Ghoul franchise. You’ll be pleased to know that this series is available on the Crunchyroll app.

However, keep in mind that Tokyo Ghoul: Re is on the UK and Ireland’s Crunchyroll only. The platform cannot stream the series in other countries because different networks have licensing rights. This means it will be illegal if the service streams the anime elsewhere.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Re Ken Kaneki lives under the pseudonym Haise Sasaki and leads the Quinx squad.

Other Streaming Platforms to Watch Tokyo Ghoul on in the US?

Here are the top ways you can watch Tokyo Ghoul in the US and Canada:

1. Funimation

Funimation is an anime streaming platform with the official rights of streaming Tokyo Ghoul. This is why you can use the site to watch the series without any ads. The best part is that the platform has all seasons of this anime, including its sequel that you can also watch in offline viewing.

You can use Funimation by getting a subscription for as low as $6.95. The top thing to note is that you can watch animes on this site with subtitles.

Not only that, but this platform also offers dubbed versions. So you don’t have to worry about listening to Japanese audio.

2. Hulu

Hulu is another platform that has the official rights to stream Tokyo Ghoul. You will have to get a monthly or yearly subscription to use this platform for watching the series.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about ads ruining your experience.

However, you should remember that Hulu can only stream this anime in the US and Canada. So you must look for an alternative if you live in a different country.

How Can You Watch Tokyo Ghoul In The UK?

Ghouls in Tokyo Goul

Are you a UK resident wanting to watch Tokyo Ghoul? If so, the best option you have is to use Netflix. The anime series is present on this globally famous platform in the UK. You can get a monthly subscription to watch this series and other shows.

Besides that, you can also get a free trial on Netflix if you only want to watch the anime. The best part about Tokyo Ghoul is that its episodes are 22 to 24 minutes long. So you can easily finish the seasons before your free trial ends.

How Can You Watch Tokyo Ghoul In Japan?

Japan is the originating country of animes and mangas such as Tokyo Ghoul. This is why you will never face many issues when watching the different seasons in this country. The best part is that Netflix Japan has all seasons of Tokyo Ghoul for the residents.

The top thing about watching the anime series on Netflix Japan is that it streams the uncensored version. This means you will not miss out on any key scenes or dialogues.

Typically, international platforms censor animes because of the dark and heavy content.

How To Watch Tokyo Ghoul: Re On Crunchyroll In The US?

The primary way you can watch Tokyo Ghoul: re on Crunchyroll in the USA is by getting a VPN online. You can use the app to cover your location using the UK or Ireland option.

However, the method is not entirely reliable and may not work. Besides that, you will have to get a paid VPN to watch the series on Crunchyroll. So your costs will be higher as you will have to pay monthly subscriptions for the streaming service and VPN app.

Final Words

This is all you require to know about “Is Tokyo Ghoul available on Crunchyroll?” Be sure to read the earlier information thoroughly to easily watch this famous anime series.

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