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How to share Curiosity Stream
July 26, 2021
2 min
How to share Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream is a global online video streaming service that offers documentary programming including films, series, and TV shows.

It can be accessed from different countries in the world and has various original productions.

However, this amazing content is available to subscribers through different digital media players according to their geographic locations and licensing agreements.

Can I share my Curiosity Stream?

Curiosity Stream allows you to share your account with an unlimited number of users on multiple devices.

However, Curiosity Stream only allows 5 devices to watch at once.

How many users does Curiosity Stream have?

As of January 2020, ad-free subscription video streaming service Curiosity Stream had 13 million subscribers worldwide. Compared to the count of about 10 million the previous year, this marked a significant increase and was indeed a remarkable one.

PeriodNumber of subscribers
January 202013,000,000
December 201910,510,000
December 20181,000,000

Is Curiosity Stream free with Amazon Prime?

Curiosity Stream is available as an Amazon Prime video channel.

It has a seven-day free trial after which you will have to pay for the service.

However, there are many videos that are available for free via Amazon Prime.

Is Curiosity Stream legit?

Curiosity Stream provides extremely exclusive and legit services for subscribers.

Its service is well worth the price, bearing in mind the intriguing archive it has and how highly rated its documentaries are by viewers.

While some people settle for purely entertaining video streaming services, some others go for platforms that educate and inspire them.

Curiosity Stream makes this possible.

Curiosity Stream lives up to everything it promises, ranging from a stunning video quality to a steady flow of original content.

Share Curiosity Stream on Together Price!

Have you been wondering or are you confused about how to access Curiosity Stream services and even share them?

You don’t need to any more because it can be done quite simply and quickly.

Together Price is the platform that helps you share the cost of digital multi-account subscriptions in a safe and secure way.

Your account can be shared with an unlimited number of users. The entire process can be done with just a few clicks.

How to share the cost of Curiosity Stream on Together Price?

If you are already a subscriber:

1. BECOME ADMIN Register and click on ”Become Admin

2. FORM THE GROUP Create a Curiosity Stream sharing group indicating the number of people you want to share with. Up to 5 accounts can be shared.

3. RECEIVE FEES Once the group is formed, each participant will send you their share to use your subscription. You will receive up to a maximum of $10.49 per month from each member of your group for a Premium (4K) yearly subscription.

If you are not a subscriber … Follow these simple 3 steps to join a Curiosity Stream group

1. FIND THE GROUP Click on ”Become a Joiner” and type ‘Curiosity Stream’ in the search bar.

2. SEND REQUEST Once you have found the group, send a request to join

3. SEND THE FEE Send your share of the fee to the admin of the chosen group.

With Together Price you share and save!

Use Together Price and sharing will be better.

You will find out how convenient it is! Curiosity Stream Premium (4K) will only cost you $1.99 per month.

Multiply the savings by 12 months and will no longer have any doubts on whether to start using Together Price immediately!

An easy, safe way that helps you save. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our service!


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