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How Many Devices On Disney Plus

October 17, 2023
6 min
How Many Devices On Disney Plus

Disney Plus puts childhood nostalgia into a streaming service. But how many devices on Disney Plus can you actually connect with?

We are here to tell you all about the different devices you can access Disney+ with, so you can watch Disney Plus and make the most out of your membership.

The best part? Using Together Price, you can save up to 75% off your Disney Plus subscription by sharing your account with your household. Together Price is fully legal, safe and secure, so you can save money and still watch movies from your childhood.

So, if Disney Plus Premium costs $13.99 per month, you will only to pay $3.49 per month!


1. How many devices can you use on one Disney Plus account?
2. How many devices can watch content simultaneously?
3. What are Disney Plus-supported devices?
4. How many profiles can you Create?
5. How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost?
6. Is account sharing possible on Disney Plus?
7. Together Price
8. How does Together Price work?
9. Become an Admin
10. Become a Joiner
11. What are the Disney Plus streaming services?
12. Summing Up

1. How many devices can you use on one Disney Plus account?

Stream Disney+ on all your fixed and mobile devices. You can only stream on up to 4 different devices at the same time though.

Disney+ has a device limit meaning there is a limit on the number of devices you can connect and stream.

You may have up to ten separate devices connected to your Disney+, which means you can download content on each of these different devices. However, you may not watch Disney+ on all of these fixed or mobile devices simultaneously.

2. How many devices can watch content simultaneously?

Stream Disney+ on all your mobile devices. You can have up to 4 differnt devices

The device limit for simultaneous streams is slightly less. One Disney Plus membership lets you watch simultaneous streams from up to 4 devices simultaneously within the same household, although when you are travelling you can still strem Disney Plus from wherever you are.

That means that whilst you Watch Disney+ on your mobile device in the garden, your family or friend can be streaming Disney+ on the Apple TV in the lounge, and still another two devices can watch Disney Plus stream simultaneously.

Of course, if you want to start watching Disney+ while four devices are already watching, you can watch a pre-downloaded title offline.

3. What are Disney Plus-supported devices?

Stream Disney+ on a smart TV, a mobile device, a computer or a gaming console.

You can get Disney Plus on all your favorite streaming devices. Watch Disney Plus on your web browsers, gaming consoles, mobile devices, smart TVs, or even using devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Download the Disney app onto multiple devices, and you can start watching Disney Plus or start downloading content from the app onto your device of choice.

4. How many profiles can you create?

Choose a different Disney character for each profile. They are all totally customised!

The number of profiles on one account is more than the allowed number of devices streaming Disney at once.

With one Disney Plus membership, you can make up to seven different profiles. This means you and your close friends can each have completely customised user profiles which let you store your streaming history and keep track of your progress in your movies or TV shows.

5. How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost?

Disney+ plans and prices

Disney offers two different subscriptions, as well as the Bundle subscriptions.

  • Disney Plus Basic (with ads) is $7.99 per month.

  • Disney Plus Premium (no ads) costs $13.99 per month or $139.99 per year, which is the equivalent of ten months at the monthly fee. This subscription comes with ads, though.

If you are looking to watch more than just Disney, you can choose one of the Disney Bundles, that give you Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN+. The cost ranges from $9.99 to $24.99per month and gets you the Hulu no ads subscription.

6. Is account sharing possible on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus does allow the sharing of your account within the same household.

So if you are looking to cut costs on your Disney Plus subscription, why not consider sharing?

As you can stream on up to four devices at once, it means that four people can watch and share Disney Plus whilst still being able to watch any time, any place. So you can save 75% on the cost without losing any of the perks of having a Disney Plus account.

If sharing your subscription seems daunting, like it involves a lot of organisation, and fills you with the fear of having to chase friends up for late payments, then worry no more.

Together Price can take all the hassle out of sharing an account. How cool is that?

7. Together Price

Share the cost of Disney+ and save on Together Price. That way you can enjoy Disney+ and your download content on all your 4 separate devices.

Together Price is a network that lets you share Hulu with another person.

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8. How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to use. Sign up for free using your name and email address, then choose whether to become an Admin or a Joiner!

9. Become an Admin

Become an Admin

You can use Together Price as an ADMIN if you have a subscription with free slots. That way you can share it with others and save money. Follow the steps below:

  • Create an account on Together Price. It’s free!

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10. Become a Joiner

Become a Joiner

You can also use Together Price as a JOINER if you don’t have a subscription but are interested in using someone else’s. Follow these simple steps below:

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With Together Price, you share and save while we sort out the rest!

11. What are the Disney Plus streaming services?

Disney+ allows four devices to stream simultaneously.

Disney+ is a streaming service created by The Walt Disney Company. Disney+ lets you access unlimited, on-demand content, completely ad-free, from top studios Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic.

Access hours of your favorite TV shows and movies in 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos, and you can create the home cinema experience wherever you are.

Watch offline with the offline viewing feature so that you can watch Disney wherever you are, whether you have internet or not.

Disney+ offers parental controls so that the whole family can enjoy Disney+ with age-appropriate content.

Want to watch your Disney+ with friends but don’t want to leave the house? Create a watch party with up to six people, and you can start streaming content at the same time. All users in the watch party will be able to watch the same title on the same stream, so it really feels like you are all in one room together.

12. Summing Up

Watch Disney Plus on up to four devices at once, and create up to seven profiles on one account. With an account limit like this, sharing your Disney Plus profile is easy.

To share your account with no hassle at all, simply sign up to Together Price, and you can be saving money in no time at all. Save up to 75% on your Disney Plus account by using Together Price. That means you will pay less than a cup of coffee to access hours of great content.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!