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How To Pay Disney Plus

October 17, 2023
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How To Pay Disney Plus

A Disney+ subscription gets you access to hours and hours of family peace where kids are involved. We are here to tell you all about how much you will pay for Disney Plus after the recent hike in prices, and we even have a top tip to get a Disney+ subscription for 75% cheaper! Isn’t this article helpful?

And that is where Together Price comes in.

Together Price helps you share your Disney Plus subscription, within your same household, in a safe, secure, hassle-free and completely legal way. By signing up to Disney Plus through Together Price you will only pay $3.49 instead of $13.99 a month.

How much does a Disney subscription cost?


A monthly subscription to Disney Plus Basic with ads costs $7.99. A subscription to Disney Plus Premium (no ads) costs $13.99 a month whilst the annual subscription costs $139.99, which is the equivalent of ten months at the monthly price.

Alternatively, if you want content from other streaming services, why not try a Disney Bundle? This lets you access Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ with prices that range from $9.99 to $24.99 per month according to which Bundle you choose.

Which payment methods are accepted?

When you sign up for a Disney subscription, you must choose your payment method. You can pay for Disney Plus, or other online purchases in the Disney Store, in several different ways. Disney accepts most major credit and debit cards:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover

  • Disney Visa

  • Amex.

For your debit card to be processed, you must enter the card number, CVV and expiration date. If there are insufficient funds or the payment information is not entered correctly, Disney will be unable to accept the payment method.

If you want a Disney subscription with cash rather than a credit or debit card, you can head to any major retail outlet and purchase the Disney Plus gift card. You can redeem this on the Disney Plus website.

Can you pay using a digital payment method?

Prefer to use a digital payment method? The following digital payment methods are accepted by Disney Plus:

  • PayPal

PayPal is the only digital payment option accepted on Disney Plus at the moment. If you choose to use Paypal as a digital payment method to pay for Disney Plus, your Paypal account location will need to match your Disney Plus account location. If it does not, you will be unable to make digital payments.

How to verify your Paypal account

If your digital payments aren’t going through on Paypal, it may be because your preferred payment method is not accepted. To verify your Paypal, you will need to go to the Paypal website:

  1. Open Paypal and log into your account;

  2. Click the settings menu;

  3. Verify your payment method or digital payment method;

  4. This should resolve any trouble users might have using Paypal to pay for Disney.

If you still have trouble paying with Paypal, don’t forget that you can always contact Disney live support for assistance or their FAQs for top suggestions regarding your issue.

How to pay for Disney Plus on the Google Play store

If you have an android device, Amazon devices or a range of smart TVs and want to subscribe to Disney Plus directly from your device, you can subscribe using the Google Play store. To do this:

  1. Go to the Google Play store and sign in to your account;

  2. Search for the Disney Plus app and choose to download;

  3. Open the Disney Plus app, and you can choose to pay for Disney using your Google account balance.

You can add to your Google account balance with digital payments, credit and debit cards and also through buying gift cards, which you can purchase with cash.

How to pay for Disney Plus through Apple

Alternatively, if you use an Apple phone, TV or another device, you can choose to pay through your Apple account. To do this, you just need to download the Disney Plus app, sign up for it on your device and then choose the payment method of paying through your Apple balance.

How to save money on a Disney Plus subscription

The best way to save money on your Disney subscription is through account sharing. As Disney lets you stream on up to four streams at once, you can share one account with four people in your same household and still have access to all the features of a Disney Plus subscription. The only difference is that you are paying only a quarter of the price.

Do you want an easy way to share your subscription? Then sign up to Together Price.

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that helps connect users and facilitate subscription sharing so that you can save money without hassle. We arrange all the boring bits like the legalities and chasing up payments, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your Disney+ subscription.

How does Together Price work?

The following digital payment method is secured with Stripe so you can use your credit and debit cards safely!

Together Price is easy to use; simply sign up for free with your name and email address. Then you just need to choose whether you will be an Admin or a Joiner and decide which subscription service you want to save money on first.

As an Admin?

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you will open your subscription to others. Accept their request to join your sharing group and then sit back whilst Together Price makes sure you are paid on time every month.

As a Joiner?

How to be a joiner.

As a Joiner, you will join another subscription. Go to the subscription section and find a sharing group you are interested in. Request to join, add your payment details, and once you have been accepted, Together Price will arrange the rest!

What is Disney Plus?

A Disney+ subscription lets you access unlimited, on-demand content from top channels, including Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic. Watch this in 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos sound for the full cinema experience.

The best thing? You can watch all this content with no advertising and, yes, no suggested articles!

If you are going to be without internet data or wifi, then download your movie or TV show in advance on the Disney app, and you can watch offline. That means you can truly watch Disney wherever you go.

Create up to seven profiles so you can share your subscription but keep track of what you have and haven’t yet watched and watch simultaneously on up to four screens at once. That means that whilst you watch Mulan on your Apple TV, someone else can watch Toy Story from their game consoles.

Easy parental controls let your child browse the Disney Plus app without needing assistance from you. You will be safe knowing they can only access age-appropriate content.

Summing up

This article contains all you need to know about paying for a Disney Plus subscription. Choose the payment method that works for you and start making digital payments so you can watch hours of great content whenever you want.

And don’t forget, with Together Price, you can pay less for exactly the same features saving up to 75% on your monthly costs.

That means you will pay less than the price of a bottle of water per month for amazing content.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!