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How To Leave Fantasy League ESPN?

September 05, 2022
3 min
How To Leave Fantasy League ESPN?

The Fantasy Football Leagues are in full swing, but despite this, sometimes you might need to leave a league.

If you’re in an ESPN fantasy football league and need to leave, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

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Steps on Leaving an ESPN Fantasy Football League

See how team managers can leave league!

Follow these simple steps when you leave a league as a team manager:

  1. Click the fantasy link in the top right corner of the ESPN web page;

  2. Here is a list of your team names;

  3. Go to the team page of the team you are leaving;

  4. On the team page, click the “Leave League” link;

  5. Click on the leave league link to confirm;

  6. Click “Yes, I Want to Leave This League”.

It is a courtesy to follow the leave league link before the league’s draft occurs. Once drafted, you do not get the option to leave.

After the draft occurs, team managers can only leave the league by requesting that the league manager removes them. League managers can delete team managers. To do this, go to the desktop site’s league tab and find the league notes under the big picture on the main league page.

Once team managers have left a league, you will lose access to the team page.

Delete Your ESPN Fantasy Football League

League managers can choose the delete league option if they want to leave an entire league, ideally, before the league’s draft takes place.

To delete a league:

  1. Go to the “LM Tools tab” on the web

  2. Scroll below the “League and scoring settings tools” and find the “League Manager Tools” page under the heading “League administration tools.”

  3. Tap “Delete League” and confirm league deletion in the LM tools. You will have to confirm league deletion twice if you wish to delete the league.

League deletion is permanent.

Steps on Changing League Manager in ESPN Fantasy Football

If you are a manager of a league and want to leave the league, you can designate a new league manager:

  1. Go to the “League management page.”

  2. Click on the “LM Tools Tab.”

  3. Find “Assign League Manager Powers.”

  4. From there, select a new league manager.

Steps on Deleting Your ESPN Account

If you want to delete your ESPN account altogether:

  1. Go to the “Account settings page”.

  2. Click on “Delete account”.

  3. Confirm your decision.

  4. Click on “Yes, Delete This Account”.

Do You Need to Subscribe to ESPN + to Join the ESPN Fantasy League?

You do not need to subscribe to ESPN+ to join a league. You can sign up for fantasy football on the web for free only during the draft. You can also cancel your ESPN+ subscription and keep playing fantasy football.

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Summing Up

The fantasy league on ESPN is easy to use, join and play but also easy to leave, making it an excellent free option to play fantasy sports.

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