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Where To Watch Horimiya
December 29, 2021
3 min

Did you fall in love with the series named Horimiya but don’t know how to watch it online?

No more head scathing.

You may be familiar with other series like Ghost in the Shell or Code Geass, but today we will talk about something different: an anime called Horimiya.

Horimiya — A Little Introduction


‘Horimiya’ tells the heartwarming story of two teenagers** living double lives. They are students by day and bartenders for their parents’ business by night.

This unique setup only scratches the surface on what makes this series so unique; you’ll love it even more once you start watching it.

We will explore why it’s essential to watch the anime Horimiya and how you can watch it easily.

Where Can You Watch Horimiya?

Horimiya is available only on the Funimation streaming service at the moment. You can view it on their website for free with ads or purchase a subscription to watch the series ad-free in HD.

It continues to run until you cancel your Completion Subscription. Payment for premium is based on 15-day intervals from when you first start subscribing.

So if something were to happen and you stop paying before the next billing cycle, your account will be suspended, and your money will be refunded in completion minutes.

Refunds are granted based on the current month’s charge (new subscribers do not have to worry about this).

The 13 free episodes of Horimiya are available in dubbed English with English subtitles.

Can You Watch Horimiya On Netflix

It is available on Netflix. However, it only plays in countries where the Japanese Cartoon Network broadcasts.

Fortunately, you can use a VPN to make it look like you are accessing Netflix from another country such as the US and watch Horimiya through your VPN.

Using a VPN is a cost-effective and straightforward way for users in select regions to unblock sites and apps without revealing their identity or location.

Users just need to plug into any Internet connection and choose which online locations (or virtual locations) they want to connect through.

Is Horimiya Available On Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll does not stream Horimiya. Crunchyroll is a streaming website that hosts a large variety of anime and manga.

While news about Horimiya is constantly released in the news section, sometimes administrative rights can prevent transfers from happening quickly.

Right now, this particular series has yet to be added to the list of shows on Crunchyroll. However, there are other methods to locate and watch Horimiya if you’re interested:

1) Purchase DVDs online through eBay or Amazon - The average price ranges between 20-30 USD, with shipping costs varying depending on weight and speed.

2) Contact your Local Japanese Store.

How Horimiya Can Help You In A Community

Kyoko and Izumi in Horimiya

Horimiya, in its peculiar way, is one of the most realistic anime in existence.

It does not sugarcoat any romantic problem that may arise; instead, it addresses them head-on and resolves them maturely.

Watching Horimiya will teach you that nothing is perfect and that there may be bumps along the way, but ultimately, love will conquer anything (even if your name isn’t Miyamura Taiga).

Horimiya is popular because it stands out from typical romance school stories. It’s not just a manga about young love.

It’s about how relationships, particularly romantic ones, evolve in the face of hardship.

Horimiya is a webcomic that has become popular enough to get an anime adaptation.

Webcomics, by definition, are not widespread, but Horimiya seems to have broken the mould and gained a massive following—to the tune of more than 5 million views.

Like many webcomics, this manga’s fanbase consists primarily of schoolgirls and young women between the ages of 15 and 25.

It’s a story about high schoolers that don’t try to be fashionably edgy or darkly realistic. It has all the makings of a typical high school romance comedy.

It is amazing how detailed the author can make her drawings of couples discussing their feelings without drawing excessive worry lines on their faces or making them blush unnecessarily.

But that detail is not noticeable if the reader does not understand Japanese culture.

Why Should You Watch Horimiya?

You should watch Horimiya because It teaches us that nothing is perfect and to appreciate what we have.

Horimiya is an anime based on the friendship and relationship between Hori and Miyamura, two students with different attitudes and lifestyles but also with many similarities.

Horimiya is one of the most authentically Japanese stories currently

available in anime.

It’s a beautiful tale about friendship, love, finding courage through hardship, and giving back to society by doing what you can to make it a better place for everyone.

Horimiya breaks so many social norms but manages to stay true to its core values while also exploring evolving societal issues in an artful way that teaches us how much it means for our lives when we fight against complacency.

This show will have you laughing, crying, rooting for your heroes. You’ll be left wanting more after just ten episodes!


If you are a fan of high school romance anime, then Horimiya is for you. By watching this anime, I learned that nothing in life is perfect and to appreciate everything we have in our lives. Hulu does have a subscription-based streaming service that includes many popular titles as well as exclusive shows, but it’s not available for free. If you don’t mind subtitled anime, then you can watch all of Horimiya’s first season on Hulu.


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