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How To Delete An HBO Max Account

August 23, 2022
5 min
How To Delete An HBO Max Account

Here is a complete walk-through on how to delete HBO Max account subscriptions. But before you completely delete HBO Max, let’s see why you’d like to delete it. The most common problem is that it’s just too expensive.

But an HBO Max subscription doesn’t have to be expensive?

At the end of this article, we will explain how it could become extremely affordable and just cost you $4.99 a month with Together Price. That’s 75% less!


1. What is HBO Max?
2. How to delete HBO Max Account
3. Deleting an HBO User Profile
4. Troubleshooting
5. How to save on HBO Max
6. Have you ever thought of sharing your subscription costs?
7. Together Price
8. How to sign up for Together Price
9. Summing up

1. What is HBO Max?

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HBO Max is an American subscription video streaming service. Its extensive and exciting library offers DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, Crunchyroll, and even more.

With such a wide selection of digital content to choose from, it’s a good thing that HBO personalises your viewing experience!

HBO Max user profiles allow you to choose who is watching and create a separate space with personalised recommendations for each user.

But, while HBO Max is a great streaming platform, it is not always for everyone! You can only have up to five profiles at once, and the membership cost can be high.

Considering all of this, you may even be thinking about ending your membership! If that is the case, here’s how you can go about deleting your HBO Max account.

2. How to delete HBO Max Account

Here's how to delete HBO Max account or HBO Max profiles.

You can delete your HBO Max account using the official HBO Max website or the service’s dedicated mobile apps for Android or iOS or your smart TV or streaming box. The instructions for deleting your account are the same across all these options.

To delete your account completely and permanently, you must cancel your reoccurring monthly subscription.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the HBO Max site or app on a platform of your choice;

  2. Click or tap the user button icon.

  3. Click or tap the Settings button and select Billing Information; then choose Manage Subscription.

  4. Tap or click Cancel Subscription.

  5. Confirm “cancel subscription” and make a note of the expiration date.

After following these steps, you will have deleted your HBO Max account completely, losing all access to it.

3. Deleting an HBO User Profile

Available on Apple TV or Fire TV and any smart Tv or streaming box among others.

How do you go about deleting an HBO Max user profile? You may also be looking to delete an HBO Max profile rather than delete your whole account. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the HBO Max app;

  2. When you are given the option to select a profile, click or tap on Manage Profiles;

  3. Click or tap the Delete button under the profile you would like to remove.

  4. Click or tap the Delete button again to confirm.

4. Troubleshooting

Having problems with "How to delete HBO Max account" or an HBO Max profile?

If you encounter some issues when trying to “delete HBO Max account”, here’s how to solve them:

No option to delete your profile.

If you are not given an option to delete your profile, you may have selected the primary profile on your HBO account. Since HBO requires that you have a minimum of one active profile when accessing the service, you cannot delete this profile. However, you can work around this by changing the name of your profile:

  1. Launch the HBO Max app;

  2. When the option to select a profile appears, click or tap on Manage Profiles;

  3. Click or tap on the profile name and change.

No profiles are displayed when opening HBO MAx.

If no profiles are displayed when you open HBO, you have already selected a profile.

To change users, follow these steps:

  1. Open the HBO Max app;

  2. Click or tap the Profile icon;

  3. Select switch profiles and select the profile of your choice.

5. How to save on HBO Max

Instead of asking yourself how to delete HBO Max account, ask how can I save on my HBO costs?

If you are sorry to have to delete your HBO Max subscription but find that it has become a burdensome affair, we have the perfect solution for you!

HBO Max Ultimate ad-free costs $19.99 a month, and it lets you stream on 4 devices simultaneously. This means you can share your subscription with 3 other people cutting your costs by 75%.

6. Have you ever thought of sharing your subscription costs?

Choose manage subscription and see how many free slots you can share

Yes, that can become a messy business. Finding people to share with, chasing them for their money, keeping tabs on payments. It’s all so time and energy-consuming.

If you haven’t heard, there is a new service that does it all for you.

It’s called Together Price, and it’s the first worldwide platform for sharing subscription costs. More than 1 million users are already enjoying the benefits of Together Price.

7. Together Price

How to delete HBO Max account is irrelavent with Together Price.

Together Price is an innovative platform where you can share your digital services. It gives you the following benefits and advantages:

  1. a trusted network based on high levels of control and reliability for every user;

  2. the Tpassword system for the safety and security of your credentials;

  3. one digital Wallet to keep all your payments under control;

  4. a dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users.

With Together Price, you share and save while all the hassles are left to us!

Sharing has never been better with Together Price!

8. How to sign up for Together Price

You can subscribe to Together Price by either becoming a Joiner or an Admin.

How to become an Admin

Become an Admin and share your HBO Max subscription.

Being an Admin means you have complete control over your group.

  • Create an account on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Fill in your details.

  • Create a group.

  • Decide if you want your group to be public (everyone on Together Price can ask to join) or private (you send invitations to whomever you decide).

  • Send invitations or wait for others to join.

  • Get paid monthly. The money goes into your digital wallet, and you can download it to your bank account after 25 days.

How to become a Joiner

Become a Joiner

You can join someone else’s subscription group.

  • Sign up on Together Price. It’s free.

  • Fill in your details.

  • Search for groups you are interested in joining.

  • Join a group and pay monthly to the Admin! You will have to pay a small commission fee to Together Price (less than $1).

9. Summing Up

You can delete HBO Max account subscriptions or just an HBO Max profile, and we have explained how, but do you really want to delete it?

Or would you just like to save on the costs? Now you know what alternative you have and how to get Together Price with a few easy clicks and save more than 75% by sharing your HBO subscription.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!