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Is The Forever Purge On HBO Max?

February 24, 2022
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HBO Max is one of the top leading streaming services in the US and other countries. The network has released various engaging shows, such as the Gossip Girl Reboot. Not only that, but the platform also has older series of HBO for rewatching.

Another top feature of HBO Max is that it allows you to stream movies. So if you’ve been wondering whether The Forever Purge movie is on this platform, you no longer have to. Below is all the information you require.

What Is The Forever Purge?

The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge is the 5th film in The Purge franchise. It is the direct sequel to The Purge: Election Year. It is a dystopian horror movie that was released in 2021 during the pandemic. A key fact about this film is that it experienced various shoot difficulties because of COVID-19.

The plot of the film is about two families banding together after an attack by masked gang killers. You can expect the film’s content to be a bit dark, which is why you should avoid watching it with kids.

The Forever Purge promises to be very good, especially considering the cast, which includes Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Huerta, Josh Lucas, and Will Patton.

More good news is that the official HD version of The Forever Purge film is on the market.

Where to Watch The Forever Purge online:

Universal Pictures distributed The Forever Purge movie. Its release date was July 2021 in theaters in the USA. But where can one stream it now?

Is The Forever Purge On HBO Max?

The Forever Purge is unavailable on HBO Max in the US and other countries. This is because this platform does not have the streaming rights to put the movie in its collection. Another reason that contributes to this is the fact that The Forever Purge is a Universal film. HBO Max primarily has the rights to stream Warner Bros films on its app and site. This is why The Forever Purge is not likely to come on HBO Max anytime soon. You should also not expect the film to be on this streaming platform in the future.

Is The Forever Purge On Netflix?

The Forever Purge is not on Netflix because of undisclosed reasons. This film is not on Netflix in any other country. The primary way you can get this movie is by using different options.

Is The Forever Purge The Last Purge Movie?

The Forever Purge a scene

The key thing is that The Forever Purge was supposed to be the final film in this franchise. However, the producer changed his mind and informed the public in June 2021 about the future of The Purge movies. If you are a fan of the Purge franchise, you can rest easy that more films are coming. Jason Blum, one of the producers, said in 2021 that he wants to make more films in this franchise. However, he still has to convince James DeMonaco. He is the co-producer of The Purge series.

Where Can You Watch The Forever Purge?

The Forever Purge may not be available on HBO Max, but that does not mean you cannot watch it anywhere. Here are the top places you can watch this film without issues:

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has been adding movies and shows to its collections every year. The best part is that the streaming service has one of the best film collections. You can find movies of various genres and languages on this platform. The good news is that the whole series from The First Purge to The Forever Purge is also on Amazon Prime Video. You can access the movie by renting from this platform. Typically, you can get the HD 4K version of this film from Prime Video for as low as $5.99.

2. Apple TV

Apple TV is relatively recent in the streaming industry but has already gained popularity. One of its top shows that you can watch is The Morning Show, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Fortunately, you can also get The Forever Purge from this network. You can rent the movie from the platform for $5.99 to meet your needs. The best part is that you will receive access to the 4K version. So you can enjoy a cinematic experience without leaving home.

3. Alamo On Demand

Scene from The Forever Purge

Alamo On Demand is another streaming service that can help you easily watch The Forever Purge. You can rent the film from this site and watch it on your TV. The only disappointing news is that the platform charges relatively high for the movie. Typically, you will have to pay $19.99 to access the movie on Alamo. Another thing to note is that you will get the HD version instead of 4K. So this platform may not be the best choice for watching The Forever Purge.

4. Google Playstore

In the past few years, Google has been offering movies, books, and TV shows on the platform. You can rent The Forever Purge on this platform to watch on your device. So you shouldn’t worry about having a TV to see the film. The price of the movie rental is $5.99 from the Playstore. This is the same price as most other services. So you should not stress out about breaking your bank when watching this film.

Final Words

This is all that you need to know about whether The Forever Purge is on HBO Max The film is not available on this streaming platform because it is a Universal Pictures movie. Luckily, you can use other options such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Apple TV to watch this movie in the US.

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