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Free Hulu Accounts

June 05, 2023
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Free Hulu Accounts

The Hulu streaming library is vast and contains a diverse selection of movies, TV shows and documentaries, with great options for everyone. It is no surprise that you might want to get access to free Hulu accounts so that you can watch movies and Live TV channels for free.

When you google how to get a free Hulu account, a lot of search results come up, but some of these are outdated, fake, and just do not work.

Keep reading to find out how you can get a free Hulu account temporarily, and we will even spill how you can save money on your Premium Hulu account.

That is where Together Price comes in!

With Together Price, you can save up to 50% on your monthly Hulu bills.

Together Price helps you share your account, it is safe, secure and completely legal!


How do you get free accounts on Hulu?
With the Hulu free trial offer?
How can you get a Hulu free trial option without a credit card?
How to cancel Hulu during a free trial period
How to get free Hulu Premium accounts with a Hulu account generator or with working free Hulu accounts?
How much does a Hulu account cost?
How can you save money on a Hulu no ads account?
Together Price
How does Together Price keep you safe?
How does Together Price work?
Become an Admin
Become a Joiner
Summing Up

Can you get a free Hulu account? If not the next best thing is sharing your account on Together Price and saving 50% of the cost.

How do you get free accounts on Hulu?

Depending on which sort of Hulu account you choose, it can get a bit pricey. So maybe, after pricing Hulu, you want to know if there is any way to get a free Hulu account. So let’s go through some of the suggestions you might get.

With the Hulu free trial offer?

With the free trial you could try out a free Hulu Plus account for 30 days.

Hulu claim offers a free trial period for all their on-demand, based subscription plans. That way, you can try it out before you sign up for a monthly expense. The free Hulu accounts trial lasts for one month and cannot be used with Hulu account bundles or on live TV subscriptions.

Cancel any time during the free Hulu accounts trial, and you will not have to pay a thing.

How can you get a Free Trial option without a credit card?

When you sign up for a Hulu free account trial, Hulu requires that you fill in your payment information. If you do not have a credit card, you can choose the option of express payments and pay using your Paypal account.

Alternatively, if you only intend to use Hulu for the free Hulu account trial, then you could try using a virtual credit card. There is a huge range of free virtual cards available online. You can generate working credit card details if you use virtual credit cards without having to actually pay anything with them or own a credit card.

Once the free test period ends, if you wish to continue having access to all the Premium features available in your free trial, you will need to add a valid payment method.

How to cancel Hulu during a free trial period

Delete your free Hulu account befor the trial ends.

If you want to cancel your free Hulu account during the trial so that you do not have to pay for a Hulu Premium account, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your free Hulu account and navigate to your account page

  2. Under the section titled your account details, select cancel

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions provided

  4. You will receive a confirmation email, and you will immediately lose access to Hulu.

How to get free Hulu Premium accounts with a Hulu account generator or with working free Hulu accounts?

One of the options that comes up time and time again when you google free Hulu Plus accounts is the option to use a working account for free.

A Hulu account generator will create a long list with a free Hulu account username and password that should let you access a working Hulu account.

This method is a very labour-intensive way to get access to working accounts because many of the Hulu Plus or Premium accounts listed are spam or expired. It involves sifting through long lists and trying each of the free Hulu accounts username suggestions until you find one that works.

On top of this getting a free Hulu login this way is not legal. Sometimes getting Hulu free accounts is too good to be true.

How much does a Hulu account cost?

Choosing your Hulu subscription can take a little bit of research. The Hulu official website contains all the various options, but to break it down simply, you can choose Hulu base plans, and you can choose the Hulu bundle. On top of this, you can pay for add-ons to your account.

The Hulu Basic plan

Hulu Basic plan

The Hulu base plans let you stream Hulu, including Hulu originals. You can choose two main options for Hulu premium accounts:

  • The cheapest plan is the Hulu ad-supported plan. This costs $7.99 per month and lets you watch Hulu content with ads.

  • The Hulu no ads plan costs $14.99 per month and gives you access to Hulu content both online and offline. This plan lets you watch Hulu without ads (except for a small number of specific titles).

The Hulu Bundle

Hulu bundle

A slightly more expensive option lets you sign up to bundle accounts. These accounts give you access to the Hulu streaming service, as well as Disney Plus and ESPN live sports.

You can choose to add Hulu Live TV to these accounts:

  • Hulu bundle plus Live TV costs $69.99 per month and is an ad-supported plan that includes Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ as well as over 75+ channels of live TV.

  • The Hulu (no ads) bundle plus Live TV costs $82.99 per month and gives you ad-free access to the above.

The Disney Bundle

The Hulu Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle has three options to choose from:

  • Disney Bundle Duo Basic which costs $9.99 per month and gives you access to Hulu and Disney Plus, but both streaming services come with ads;

  • Disney Bundle Trio Basic costs $12.99 per month which gives you access to Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN+ all with ads;

  • Disney Bundle Trio Premium which costs $19.99 per month and gives you access to Hulu and Disney Plus without ads, and to ESPN+ with ads.

Hulu add-ons

On top of these Hulu subscription plans, you can add add-ons to your account. To do this, first, choose which type of Hulu account you want, and then once you have subscribed, you can select your add-ons.

There are many add-ons available; check the Hulu website for more, but some of the available add-ons include:

  • A live TV unlimited screens add-on

  • HBO Max

  • Starz

  • Showtime

  • Live TV Espanol

How can you save money on a Hulu no ads account?

You can get a Hulu Premium account and save as well by sharing on Together Price.

By now, it is probably time to accept that you cannot get a free Hulu account legally. So instead of hunting for free Hulu Premium accounts, why not think about how to save money on a Hulu account?

One of the best ways to save money on Hulu, and many other subscription services, is to share your account. By doing this, you not only share the benefits of having a Hulu Premium account, but you can also share the cost of it.

Hulu lets you share with one other user meaning you can cut your Hulu monthly fee in half if you choose to share an account.

Maybe this idea fills you with horror, you don’t want to have to chase up payments from unreliable friends, or maybe you don’t have anyone you could ask to share it. Then do not worry; Together Price has you covered.

Together Price

Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that helps users connect and share their subscription accounts. Together Price reads all the terms and conditions for you to make sure account sharing is completely legal. We arrange the payments and secure the exchange of login information so that you can share your account worry-free.

How does Together Price keep you safe?

To keep you safe and secure, Together Price offers:

  • A fully SSL secure certified environment

  • A direct chat between sharing group members

  • A reliability rating system for all users so you can tell how reliable another member is

  • Stripe payment

  • A Tpassword system for securely sharing login information

  • A 25-day cooling-off period where you can get your money back if you need it.

How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to use; simply sign up for free using your email and name. Then choose where you want to start saving money.

Become an Admin

Become an Admin

You can use Together Price as an ADMIN if you have a subscription with free slots. That way you can share it with others and save money. Follow the steps below:

  • Create an account on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Fill in your details.

  • Create a sharing group by clicking ‘Create Group’.

  • Accept requests to join your group and receive payments.

You will not miss another payment date again!

Become a Joiner

Become a Joiner

You can also use Together Price as a JOINER if you don’t have a subscription but are interested in using someone else’s. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Sign up to Together Price. It’s free.

  • Search for the service you are interested in joining.

  • Send the request to join and pay your part of the subscription.

With Together Price, you share and save while we sort out the rest!

What is Hulu?

You cannot get a free Hulu Premium account.

Hulu is a cable TV cutting streaming platform owned mostly by the Walt Disney Company but with other minority stake owners.

Hulu Premium accounts let you stream movies, TV shows and documentaries wherever and whenever you want. Get access to a library of around 43,000 TV episodes and over 2,500 movies, including Hulu Originals, available only on Hulu.

Create up to six profiles on one Hulu Premium account and stream simultaneously on two screens.

If you choose a no-ads account, then you can even download content and watch offline. So you will never have to do without watching movies or TV again. Watch in the Hulu app on compatible devices.

Hulu Premium accounts give you the option to watch live TV. Add Hulu live TV to your subscription, and you can gain access to over 75+ channels without the need for a cable TV.

If you are wanting to live out some of your Disney nostalgia or access ESPN live sports, then choose a Hulu Disney bundle, and save money on your Hulu and Disney Plus subscriptions. That way, you can access even more great content.

Summing Up

Sadly, after your free Hulu trial period ends, then free Hulu accounts are not available easily or legally. But that doesn’t;t mean you can’t save money on your Hulu subscription.

Save up to 50% on your Hulu subscription by using Together Price. What are you waiting for? That means you can get Hulu for the cost of a cup of coffee per month.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!