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How Much is Hulu?
December 29, 2021
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Streaming services are now over-taking Live TV and set up boxes. Slowly but quite gradually, they will replace traditional cable providers as online content keeps becoming more popular with every generation. One such streaming service is Hulu. It is one of the most prominent streaming services out there.

Hulu Pricing?

Hulu is a surprisingly cheaper streaming service and has more benefits than many others on the market. The most affordable Hulu subscription is only $6.99 per month with ads. If ads are bothersome, then switch to a subscription of $12.99 per month without ads.

Students over 18 can even get a Hulu subscription (with ads) for only $1.99.

There are, of course, more subscriptions and benefits Hulu subscribers can get, with prices of a broader range which will be mentioned below.

Benefits of Hulu

The saddest part about moving from set-up boxes and cable providers to a streaming service has to be losing live shows, but it is possible to watch Hulu with Live TV.

Thanks to Hulu Live TV, Live TV is now possible without a cable provider. That is good for many people who want to watch Hulu on Live TV. After all, Live TV channels are still on demand.

Subscriptions for Hulu Live TV packages include:

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV (with ads): $64.99/month or year

Hulu Live TV (with no ads) :$70.99/ month

What’s More on Hulu?

If Live TV wasn’t a good enough of a deal, here’s some more: Hulu provides -

Partner add ons (ESPN+ to any plan) for $6.99/month.

Premium add-ons (HBOMAX, for $14.99, CINEMAX for $9.99/ month, SHOWTIME for $10.99/ month and STARZ for $8.99/ month).

Feature add-ons (add to any plan of Hulu with Live TV). Includes: Unlimited screen add-ons for $9.99, Enhanced cloud DVR add-on for $9.99/ month, or both for $14.98/ month.

Network add-ons (add to any Live TV plan) (Espanol add-on for $4.99/ month, Entertainment add-on. $7.99/ month, and Sports add-on $9.99/ month).

Hulu, other online services:

The entire Hulu streaming library is effectively not as extensive as Netflix’s. However, Hulu’s streaming library contains about 2,500 films.

Still, Hulu is cheaper than Netflix, and its subscribers have unlimited screen add-ons (with a certain fee) and feature add-ons with Hulu Live TV, while the number of screens Netflix allows you to stream on is limited no matter the price.

What to Watch on Hulu?

Jeff Bridges in The Old Man

Hulu offers plenty of original shows and movies. It includes TV shows and theatre-released films as well.

Some shows to watch on Hulu:

Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

Godfather of Harlem (2019)

Letterkenny (2018)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005)

Hit-Monkey (animation) (2021)

Some movies to watch on Hulu

Culture Shock (2018)

The Act of Killing (2012)

Parasite (2019)

Portrait of a Lady On Fire (2020)

Akira (Anime) (1998)

Palm Springs (2020)


How Many Channels Does Hulu Live TV Have?

Hulu Live TV has 75 live channels, some of which are Fox, ABC, CBS, etc.

How Many Devices Can I Watch Hulu on at the same time?

Although it is possible to download Hulu on as many devices as you like, only two devices can play it simultaneously. A subscription of Unlimited add-ons can tackle this problem for $9.99.


In conclusion, Hulu is the cheapest way to view shows and movies in 4K. It has a few cons, like a limited content library of only 2,500 movies, and pros, like its low price and live shows and channels. That makes it one of the reasons why 43.8 million people pay for a Hulu subscription.



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