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Hulu Free
July 17, 2021
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Hulu Free

When it comes to online subscription-based services, we’re all too familiar with these, especially when it comes to entertainment. However, many people pay the full price for these services without realizing that by sharing the account, they can pay significantly less while getting the same benefit.

So, how do you do it? Don’t worry; in this blog, we’re going to go over everything step by step! First, we’re going to go over the details on Hulu, and then show you how you can use Together Price to share the account and pay less.

How to get Hulu Free

Many wonder if there’s a free and legal way to get all the benefits of Hulu, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Hulu offers a 30 day free trial to see whether you like the service or not, but after that limit, the service will start charging you automatically per month if you don’t cancel the subscription. There’s really four options when it comes to selecting a Hulu plan. Let’s go in order of cheapest to the most expensive.

The first plan is Hulu with ads, which is $5.99 a month. The second plan is Hulu without ads, which is $11.99. The next two plans have live TV included as well; Hulu with Live TV is $64.99 a month, and Hulu with Live TV, without ads is $70.99 a month. When it comes to sharing an account, Hulu allows you to view it on two devices at once.

Cheapest Way to Get Hulu

As the prices of each individual plan were mentioned above, it can get to be relatively pretty expensive for most of us; so what’s the cheapest way to actually get Hulu? Many try to go on illegal sites and download a fake version of Hulu, but this is not legal and it can be pretty shady.

Instead, what’s better is to be able to share the account using a platform like Together Price. Sharing accounts has proven to be legitimate and an old way to do it for so long, that companies, in this case Hulu, even allow you to watch on two different devices. It’s even included within the plan that you would purchase for the subscription. Sharing accounts would allow you to decrease your cost of the plan by either creating your own group where people chip in, or joining a group and paying a significantly cheaper price than if you were to buy a subscription and not share.

How to Use Together Price

The last portion of this blog is to show you how you can use Together Price to save money on your Hulu subscription. The first thing you need to realize is whether you are an admin or a joiner. Admin simply have the subscription to the account, and joiners are people who will share the account with you and pay a part of the price.

In order to get to the site, click on the Hulu section of the website. You should arrive at a page like this:

Share Hulu To Save

Then, you can click “Sign Up Now” and if you don’t have an account already, you can create one with extreme ease. Once you do that, you only need to fill out some basic information, such as who is sharing the account with you, inviting friends and then confirming the group.

If you are a joiner, it’s equally as simple and easy. You just create an account, search for the group that you want, send a request, and the admin can approve you to join the group!

Sharing your Hulu account is the easiest way to get Hulu for a discount without losing out on all the perks that Hulu has to offer. With Together Price, this all can become easier.



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