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Is Major Payne on Hulu

December 29, 2021
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We all love 90’s movies now and then, especially for nostalgic reasons. Major Payne is a hilarious movie from the mid-’90s with a great cast.

If you miss Major Payne or want to watch the film again or don’t know where to watch it, this article is just the right place for you.

The Storyline

Major Benson Winifred Payne, or in short, Major Payne, has returned from a drug raid in South America, hoping to be promoted. Instead Major Payne receives an honorary discharge.

Seeing how eager he is to be re-enlisted, his former general offers him a job that would let him get back into the military.

He has to train a group of boys who are considered outcasts of the school system.

Payne gives them harsh punishments and the boys try to get rid of Major Payne but fail every time.

His harsh techniques don’t sit well with Emily Walburn, and she tries to soften Payne’s attitude.

As the story continues, the cadets start respecting Major Payne, especially after Payne stands up for one of them against his abusive alcoholic father.

When they are finally ready to compete, Major Payne can’t be there as he is deployed in Bosnia. The Wellington cadets play dirty, and Madisons retaliate and are disqualified.

Major Payne realizes he loves Emily and wants to adopt Tiger.

The Madison cadets win and finally get the trophy.

The cast

Damon Wayans as U.S. Marine Corps Major Benson Winifred Payne or in short Major Payne

Karyn Parsons as Emily Walburn

William Hickey as Dr. Phillips

Steven Martini as Cadet Alex J. Stone

Micahel Ironside as Lieutenant Colonel Stone

Orlando Brown as Cadet Kevin “Tiger” Dunn

Albert Hall as General Decker

How to Watch Major Payne?

Major Payne-s Team

It is rare to see people use cable, so online streaming services are the new option. If you want to stream Major Payne online but don’t know where here are some platforms where you can watch Major Payne:

Hulu Premium

You can now watch Major Payne on Hulu Premium with a basic subscription or a premium one.


Netflix is perhaps the most famous streaming service. Like Major Payne on Hulu, you can also watch Major Payne on Netflix, specifically American Netflix. Don’t worry if you want to watch Major Payne on Netflix but don’t have a subscription. You can get it for free for 30 days.

Amazon Prime

Major Payne is on Amazon Prime Video. It’s also available as a DVD on Amazon for $3.99. Some other Damon Wayans movies are also available to rent on Amazon or to watch on Amazon Prime.

Google Play

You can also rent Major Payne on Google Play - an underrated streaming service.


Vudu is less heard of, but Major Payne is also available here to watch.


Is Major Payne Funny?

A Scene from Major Payne

Major Payne is a hilarious movie and a 90’s classic. It is considered by most as very funny. Not to mention that Damon Wayans himself is a comedian.

Is Major Payne Army or Marines?

In the movie, Major Payne is a Marine Corps officer, though the cadets he trains are Army JROTC cadets, as shown by their uniforms.


In conclusion, Major Payne is a hilarious and very entertaining movie suited for 13 years and older. It is available to stream online on many platforms, and if you want to see more of Damon Wayans’ films, they are available online. Head’s up, there is a sequel to this film: Major Payne: Bring on the Payne.

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