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Where to Watch Office Space

December 28, 2021
5 min

If you feel like a funny, light-hearted family film, Office Space is perfect. The film is set in an office cubicle farm and follows the everyday lives of its employees.

Although it got released over twenty years ago, the humour still holds up today.

So where can you watch Office Space?

Keep reading and find out!

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The Storyline

The film is about a group of co-workers in a software engineering company called Initech. They all of course hate Initech.

Michael Bolton is unhappy with his software-engineer job, although he is good at it. On the other hand, insecure Peter Gibbons hates his software-engineering job and is terrible at it. Milton, a timid colleague, is mostly ignored by everyone. Samir is also frustrated with the way he is treated in the workplace. Peter talks to Michael about how miserable and how they hate their jobs, so they decide to rebel against their greedy boss.

Meanwhile, Peter is dumped by his girlfriend and begins dating Joanna, a waitress in a restaurant. She is also very frustrated by how her boss makes her wear numerous badges to increase her flair.

Initech calls in a couple of business consultants to downsize the company. Peter gets promoted, Micheal and Samir are fired, and it is discovered that Milton was fired five years prior, but no one knew. So his salary is suspended without him being informed and he is also deprived of his beloved red stapler. The three company workers come together and decide to take vengeance on their bosses by planting a software virus that will corrupt Initech’s financial operation and cause tiny amounts of money to be diverted into an alternative banking system.

A scene from Office Space

Unfortunately, after the desperate trio launch the virus, they realise that a considerable amount of money has been taken instead. Panic breaks loose for the incumbent disaster that is about to befall them. Peter wants to take responsibility for the theft and writes a letter to the boss containing some traveller’s checks for the missing amount. He goes to the Initech office after hours and pops it under the boss’ door. When he arrives at work the next day expecting to be arrested, he finds out that Milton has burnt down the whole building, thus destroying all the evidence of the virus.

The film ends on a happy note for all of them: Peter finds a new job as a construction worker he is pleased with; Michael and Samir go to work for another software company, and they all become best friends. Milton, however, who took the traveller’s checks before burning down the building, is on prolonged vacation in Mexico.

Top Cast

Jennifer Aniston in Office Space

Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh.

Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons.

Jennifer Aniston as Joanna.

David Herman as Michael Bolton.

Ajay Naidu as Samir Nagheenanajar, and

Diedrich Bader as Lawrence.


Office Space was shot in 1997 and released theatrically on February 19, 1999, by 20th Century Fox. Mike Judge, who also created Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, and Silicon Valley directed the movie. It was produced by John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, Michael Rotenberg, Chris Moore, and Michael Donovan.

How to Watch “Office Space”?

Stephen Root in Office Space


Unfortunately, you cannot currently watch Office Space on TV. It was initially released in theaters for a limited time and never went into wide release. In addition, it has not been re-released in any other format since its original theatrical run. There are no plans to air the film on TV.

Streaming Services


Unfortunately, Office Space is not currently available to stream on Netflix. The film has been pulled from the streaming platform and does not appear to be making a return anytime soon.

Hulu Plus

Office Space is currently available to stream on Hulu Plus. If you have a subscription to the service, you can watch the movie in its entirety right now.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another streaming service currently offering Office Space. You can watch the movie for free with a Prime subscription, or you can purchase it for $3.99 to own.

Google Play

Office Space is available to purchase on Google Play for $3.99. If you have an Android phone, tablet, or another device, you can download it and watch it at your convenience.


Vudu is a streaming service that also offers Office Space. For $14.99, you can purchase the movie and watch it whenever you want.

Is Office Space Available to Stream for Free?

No, Office Space is not currently available to stream on any platform for free. Any sites that claim to offer the movie for free are illegal and likely contain malware.

Can I Watch Office Space on TV?

No, Office Space is not available to watch on television at the moment. Since its theatrical run, it has not been re-released in any other format, so it cannot be shown on TV or on any cable channels.

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There are no legal ways to watch Office Space for free at the moment. If you want to stream the movie, you must subscribe to Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime. To purchase it, you have two options: Vudu or Google Play.

Unfortunately, the movie is not available to stream on Netflix or watch on TV. However, it is an entertaining film and definitely worth watching. So subscribe to Together Price now and save on the cost of your subscriptions.

Hope this streaming guide helps you!

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