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4 Best Johnny Depp Movies On Netflix

February 04, 2022
5 min

Johnny Depp is a magnificent actor who has played in magnificent films. As a tribute to his great acting talent, we are bringing this list to you. Here are the best and finest Johnny Depp films to watch on Netflix.

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Johnny Depp movies on Netflix

Top 4 Johnny Depp Movies On Netflix

These Johnny Depp movies are the best ones available to stream on Netflix USA, and they are top-rated on multiple online streaming platforms too.

The Tourist

The lead character of this movie is Frank, who goes to France as a tourist. On the way, he meets a woman named Elsie. She sits and chats with him, and they both really seem to be hitting it off until it is revealed that Elsie is just setting bait for him. She is setting Frank up and portraying him as the man who stole billions, to save her boyfriend, the real culprit behind the crime. The police start going after Frank until they realize that Frank is not the person they are looking for. But it’s too late for Frank not to be stuck in a deadly situation where any wrong step can cost him his life. So, what and how will the police save Frank? The beautiful Angelina Jolie plays the part of Elsie.

Secret Window

Secret Window

Mort Rainey is a very acclaimed writer in New York, but he is going through a rough patch because of his divorce from his wife. He goes to his lake house to find solace, but what happens there will change his life forever. One day, a man named John Shooter knocks on the door of the lake house and accuses Mort of plagiarism. Mort tells John that he can show proof that he wrote every word of the story he is being accused of stealing. But, pretty soon, things start getting ugly. Mort’s dog dies. And within a few days, people start dying too. Mort realizes it is a warning from John Shooter. Mort will have to find his own way of dealing with this violent arch-nemesis. Johnny Depp plays Mort in this Netflix movie.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Johnny Depp plays the character of Gilbert Grape in this movie. He is the man with all the burden of responsibility in his family. His mother is very overweight and widowed, while his younger brother, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, Arnie, is mentally unstable so, Gilbert has to take care of everything. He works at a grocery store and is not happy with life as he does not get enough time to think about himself and his future. But, his life turns upside down when he meets a new girl, Betty, played by Juliette Lewis, who stops by their town for a short while. Gilbert is now faced with the choice between his family or his future. The Corpse Bride star interprets the role magnificently. It is one of his most accomplished Netflix movies.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

The Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp does it again in this movie on Netflix, playing the character of the corrupt CIA agent Sands. The plot revolves around the plan to murder the president of Mexico. The drug lord Barillo is ready to execute the plan together with his partner General Marquez who is with Barillo to overthrow the government. On the other hand, Agent Sands does not want Marquez to execute his plan, and he recruits a retired hitman, Mariachi, to craft a plan for killing Marquez. Where will the plot lead? To killing the president and/or killing Marquez? The story takes exciting turns that you will find out by watching this movie on Netflix. The all-star cast includes Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes,Willem Dafoe, Marco Leonardi and Enrique Iglesias.

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Summing Up

Though there are not a lot of Johnny Depp movies on Netflix, all four of the above-suggested ones have a very intricately crafted storyline with complex characters. Also, all of them are available on Netflix. You can also watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Pirates of the Caribbean saga all on Netflix.

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