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6 Best Dystopian Movies On Netflix

November 08, 2021
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Netflix has an endless supply of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. But it can be hard to find the best films about a dystopian future on Netflix.

With new inventions, societal changes, technological innovations, or even man’s most primal fears, this genre has many different possibilities. Here’s what Netflix has to offer if you want to look into a dystopian future world:

1. Mute

Mute is a futuristic action-thriller set in Berlin in 2035. It’s about Leo, who has been mute since childhood and uses sign language to communicate. Leo will find himself involved with gangsters, a black-market clinic that performs cybernetic surgery and a robotic sex traffic ring.

Mute is full of creative special effects for a fascinating, neon world.

2. The Humanity Bureau

The Humanity Bureau on Netflix
The Humanity Bureau is a science fiction thriller that tells the story of one man who strives to find the truth and do what’s right, even if it means putting himself at risk.

Nic Cage plays an immigration caseworker who thinks that something is wrong with the system when a woman and her son get unjustly deported to New Eden, a radiation-contaminated city where inefficient citizens are exiled.

3. The Platform

The Spanish film The Platform gained popularity on social media mainly because of its concept. Although it is science fiction, it is all about class disparity. The movie also states some scientifically proven, thought-provoking facts.

In a dystopian future, prisoners are kept in cells built vertically, one above another. There is a shaft in the centre that lowers a platform of food. On the higher levels, prisoners get to eat as much as they want. While prisoners below have to make do with the leftovers. If there are any!

4. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow on Netflix
Edge of Tomorrow is a classic science-fiction action film about aliens invading our world and the fight to overcome them.

Tom Cruise, Bill Paxton and Emily Blunt are among the cast directed by Doug Liman in this Warner Brothers production.

The film received critical acclaim for its humour, film direction and acting. A must-watch on Netflix.

5. Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is a space western from South Korea. In a not so distant future, the Earth has become a hostile environment for human life. The UTS Corporation builds an orbiting space station that reproduces the Earth’s living conditions. Only some people are allowed to live in it. The rest of humanity is left on Earth. A group of people from across the planet survive as space sweepers who collect debris from Earth’s orbit.

The soundtrack, visual effects, costumes, and overall performances are all the right ingredients for an exciting space adventure.

6. Time to Hunt

Time to Hunt on Netflix
Time to Hunt is another dystopian action thriller from South Korea available on Netflix. It’s about a group of friends who try their best to escape from a crumbling society by stealing money from some dangerous gangsters. When one of them gets taken hostage, they end up with more trouble than they can handle.

The dystopian backdrop doesn’t provide much in the way of concept. There are glimpses into what could happen after an economic collapse, but it’s not intrinsic to this film’s plotline. However, action-packed car chases, gunfights and a mysterious assassin make for thrilling entertainment.

Summing Up

Dystopian movies are a great way to explore worlds we may be living in soon. If you’re looking for an escape from reality or just want some inspiration about how to make your own life better right now, start with these 6 top dystopian movies. The six films listed above all offer different perspectives on what our future could look like and how it might impact us all.

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