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6 Best Football Movies On Netflix

March 21, 2022
6 min

Football is the favourite sport for a huge number of Americans, and it’s certainly in the top 3 sports for most. If you’re not able to play or watch a real game right now, then the next best thing is watching one of the best football movies on Netflix.

The great thing about football movies is that you see more than the game; you get an insight into the characters, their struggles, and their triumphs while playing. Some of these films are comedies, some are emotional dramas, and others are historical accounts of famous players.

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What Are The 6 Best Football Movies On Netflix?

Listed below are the 6 best football movies on Netflix right now; you may or may not agree with them, and there are certainly other movies that could have made the list. The only real criterion is to be a good football movie; whether it’s a comedy, a drama, action, they’re all great.

What’s fantastic about most of these movies on Netflix is that they’re inspiring and send a message that if you work hard, believe in yourself, and give it everything you’ve got, then you can make it in life.

1. The Longest Yard (2005)

The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard 2005 movie from Adam Sandler it’s a remake of a 1974 movie starring Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds can be seen in the newer version as well, playing an ex-NFL football coach helping the new team.

A former football star falls on hard times and lands himself in jail. His goal is to stay quiet and do his time without interacting with anyone. However, the warden takes this as an opportunity to form a prison team to play against the guards.

Sandler needs to step up and lead his team to victory, all the while dealing with the guards playing dirty on and off the field; he also needs to deal with the corrupt officials and prison guards looking to fix the games.

Overall this is a great movie; you do get some comedy as it’s Adam Sandler, but that’s not the focus of this genre movie, and Sandler shows some real range in acting, which you can enjoy on Netflix.

2. The Replacements (2000)

The Replacements

The Replacements is a 2000 movie starring Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman, Orlando Jones, Jon Favreau, and a range of other great actors. It’s a retelling of the real-life events from the 1987 professional player strike.

In The Replacements, NFL teams need to rebuild their roster with amateur players to deal with all of the professional players going on strike. Many teams are able to pull past players, college athletes, and regular guys that just want a chance to play.

The movie is a mix of comedy, drama, and football action that brings everything together in a great movie package on Netflix.

3. Greater (2016)


Greater is a 2016 movie starring Christopher Severio, focussing on the actual life events surrounding Brandon Burlsworth. Brandon had been told he would never be good enough to play division 1 football, but he never backed down, and even without a scholarship or invitation, he became a walk-on player for the University of Arkansas.

Brandon works as hard as he can, losing all of his younger fat, building his muscle, and proving himself on the field as one of the best players on the team. He ultimately gets a scholarship to play and continues dominating on the field.

Greater is an inspiring sports movie that focuses more on drama and character development and has a surprise twist in-store for viewers. It’s well worth watching this on Netflix with your family.

4. Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is a 1996 movie that potentially everybody knows about, it stars Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. The movie isn’t specifically based on real-life but may be based on multiple real-life people in the football world.

In the movie, Jerry Maguire moves from being an agent who only cares about money, to one who can connect personally with the players, do a better job, and look after them and their families.

It’s a twin story with comedy, drama, inspiring developments. You follow both main characters, as they struggle to reach their dreams together. It’s a fantastic movie to watch on Netflix with your friends, family, or even by yourself when you need motivation.

5. Rudy (1993)


Rudy is a 1993 movie starring Sean Astin, who plays a character that doesn’t have the physical size or money to get onto the Notre Dame high school football team or even into the school as a student.

Through hard work and perseverance, he’s able to get the money together to attend Notre Dame but fights to get a place on the successful college football team, where he’s the smallest and least athletic player.

This Netflix college football movie is heartfelt and inspiring and is potentially one of the greatest football movies of all time, focusing the strength mentally and physically to be a football player and good human.

6. Home Team (2022)

Home Team

This is a 2022 football movie that you may not have heard of yet, unlike many of the great movies on this list. It stars Kevin James, who may be known as the funny guy but is also a fabulous athlete, playing college football and being a wrestler.

He takes on the role of real-life head coach Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints, who gets suspended from his NFL job, so he becomes volunteer coach to his son’s failing team.

The movie is part comedy and part inspiring drama, so it’s a fantastic Netflix football movie to watch with the family.

The Best Football Movies On Netflix

Netflix is a great streaming service with a huge range of good football movies, documentaries, and TV shows to keep you engaged when it’s not football season. Football is presented in a big way on Netflix US, and if these 6 best football movies on Netflix have whetted your appetite for more, then jump on Netflix and find some more football movies to enjoy.

For example, Undefeated (2011), is about the Manassas Tigers football team from Memphis and their struggle to make their football team win albeit not winning a playoff game. It won an Academy Award as Best Documentary Feature film; or Coach Snoop, about the music industry protagonist Snoop Dog while he trains his Snoop Youth Football League.

If you’re looking for more long-term engagement with your favourite football players on Netflix, then try out two of the great football TV shows, Friday Night Tykes, a documentary series with 4 seasons or Last Chance U which is not a movie but a documentary on real football players for real football fans, and follows the East Mississippi Community College in season 1 and 2, and the Independence Community College in season 2 and 3.

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