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Best Biopics on Netflix

February 03, 2022
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People who are into biopic movies never get tired of watching them and are really fond of seeing the real-life stories of their favourite characters unfolding before their eyes. A really magical and unique experience.

So, if you are a true movie geek and have a soft corner for biopic movies, this article is for you because we are listing some of the best biopics you can find on Netflix.

So, let’s get right into it:

Best Biopics on Netflix

Top 7 Biopics On Netflix

You can watch all 7 of the below-given movies on Netflix once you get a monthly and yearly subscription to the streaming platform. All the biopics are well shot and have a fascinating plot that will hook you till the very end.

1. The Pianist

This is the real-life story of a man who survives in the city of Warsaw in Poland during World War II. The man is a pianist who sees his city changing and transitioning as the world war is in full fledge.

He also gets separated from his family and loved ones when operation Reinhard destroys the city. He has to take refuge in the city’s left zone until the situation gets better. The main lead in this movie is Władysław Szpilman which Adrian Brody plays excellently, and Dorota, played by Emilia Fox.

2. Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Leto and matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club

This reality-based movie is about a man who suddenly finds out he is HIV+ because of his irresponsible lifestyle. Doctors inform him that he only has 30 days to live, but the man is not ready to die yet, as he sees his entire life dismantling in front of him.

So, he starts researching and finds a drug still illegal in the US. He finally finds that drug and realises that there are a lot more people who are going through the same disease so, he teams up with a transgender patient with HIV and starts selling the illegal drug to patients directly.

The movie is all about how he succeeds in doing so. The lead in the movie is Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey, with an excellent Jared Leto as Rayon.

3. The Social Network

The movie is taken from the true story of the CEO and Founder of Facebook. The plot of the social network revolves around how a Harvard undergrad achieved such great success with just one idea.

Also, the movie covers the story of what happened after Mark became a billionaire and how he faced allegations of stealing the idea from twin brothers who claimed that they came up with it first. Mark is also seen coping with personal problems while facing complications in his professional life. Jesse Eisenberg plays the character of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie. A special mention goes to Justin Timberlake who plays the role of Sean Parker.

4. The Founder

Michael Keaton in The Founder

This film tells of how one of the world’s biggest food franchises became the multi-billion dollar fast food: ”McDonald’s.” The plot revolves around a salesman, played by Michael Keaton, who sells milkshake mixers for a living, but he is a real hustler and has a true potential for understanding how business works.

When Ray comes across an eatery called McDonald’s that offers fresh food within seconds, he is impressed and sees a lot of potential in this eatery. Hence, he decides to make it a franchise and cracks a deal with the brothers, founders of McDonald’s. What comes next is the story of ambition, success, and greed. John Lee Hancock directs this amazing movie, and he has done a great job of it.

5. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile

This is one of the most intriguing biographical dramas telling the true-life story of the serial killer Ted Bundy, from the perspective of his partner, Liz, played by Lily Collins. Ted lived with his girlfriend and her child and was living his best life when suddenly he was arrested, and charges were pressed on him for several murders.

Liz, his girlfriend, did not believe that the love of her life could do something so horrendous. She kept searching for the truth and trying to free her boyfriend from jail, while all the while Ted was making her think he was innocent.

Ted was found guilty of the murder of 36 women, although experts say the victims may have been about 100. Whether Liz ever found out the truth or not, you will find it out in the movie. Surprisingly, the role of Ted Bundy is played by Zak Efron, an Alum of the high school musical.

6. Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can

Frank, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, is a 17-year-old young boy who becomes the king of deception. After various family mishappenings, he realises he has the talent to easily deceive people. While impersonating various roles, he becomes a top-notch forger, with forgeries worth millions of dollars.

When he becomes one of the most wanted robbers in the US, an FBI agent, played by Tom Hanks, is recruited to find him and put him behind bars.


We hope you will love all of these biopics as much as we did because they are all worth watching.

You can also watch other movies like 42, The King’s Speech (story of King George VI), First They Killed My Father (starring Angelina Jolie), Milk (starring James Franco), and Nowhere Boy-John Lennon, which are also all great movies.

Enjoy these movies and adios from our side!

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