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Best Cheerleading Movies On Netflix

February 04, 2022
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If you haven’t seen a single cheerleading movie yet, then you are missing out on a lot of fun because cheerleader movies tend to be very entertaining and mostly amusing.

So, if you are a fan of comedy movies, you will love these cheerleading movies on Netflix.

We have written what we think are the best cheerleading movies you can watch and stream on Netflix.

Cheerleading Movies on Netflix: Not Another Teen Movie

Top 5 Cheerleading Movies Available On Netflix

These top 5 cheerleading films are all-rounders and contain comedy, romance, drama, and everything you want in a family-friendly movie.

Bring It On

The movie revolves around a highly successful Toro cheerleading squad of high school students that is best among the rest. This squad is of a school in San Diego, and it has won all its competitions to date with the most perfect routines ever and with a competitive cheerleading attitude.

They are also really promising candidates for the next National Championship trophy that they have already won for 5 years straight. Problems arise in this cheer squad when their captain is substituted, and the newly appointed captain suddenly finds out a horrible truth that changes everything.

It is revealed that the cheer squad has been doing routines copied from a hip-hop squad, and the former captain was responsible. The newly appointed captain has to figure out what to do in this situation.

Going For Gold

Going For Gold

Emma, the main character in this movie, forms her own cheer squad from scratch. Emma moves to the US from Australia, and at first, she faces a few problems in adjusting and finding new friends. But she soon meets a girl named Hannah, and they both become friends.

Together, they decide to form a whole new cheerleading squad and train a couple of girls who don’t know anything about cheerleading.

What happens next is the ideal blend of drama and comedy because Emma and Hannah have to deal with a group of adults that are not making it easy for them.

Emma and her friend’s mission is to make them highly competent and competitive cheerleaders.

But will they succeed in the mission and win? You have to watch the movie to find it out.

Step Sisters

The lead of this movie is Jamilah, who is a know-it-all type of person. She has excellent skills not only in her studies but also in step dancing.

The story of Jamilah takes an exciting turn when the cheerleader dance team spoils the reputation of the school because of its irresponsible behaviour.

Jamilah has to come forward and take on the training of the team for a dance competition. That turns out to be just the beginning of her problems because the girls are not easy to train and not easy to tame either.

The difficulties and obstacles Jamilah will face to win the competition for the sake of her school make this movie a must-watch among all the other cheer movies.



The movie starts with Martha, a woman who just gets into a retirement community. The woman is introverted and wants to be left alone until she finds a very lively neighbour, and the two soon become best pals and start doing different activities together.

The community centre also has a golf course bowling room and offers various activities that inspire both women reminding them of their youth. As Martha is now a lot more open and fun-loving and has become comfortable with her best friend, they decide to form a cheerleading team.

What started as an absurd idea begins to make sense to them, and they realized that they actually could make their own cheerleading team. Just after a few months, the women do wonders and make everyone realize that age is just a number. It is one of the best cheer movies you could ever come across.

Diane Keaton gives an excellent performance in this film.

Not Another Teen Movie

The movie is all about the cliched trends of teen movies. The boy in this movie is more of a football camp type who bets that he will transform the not-so-cool girl of the school into the prom queen, and the battle begins from this very moment.

But, the twist in the story is that the cheerleader girlfriend of this guy is not such a subtle antagonist of this story. She tries her best to demean the girl and impede her from becoming prom queen with her evil plans and the help of her fellow cheerleaders.

So, will the not-so-cool girl will become the prom queen? You can find out in the movie.

Interesting fact: Chris Evans made his debut in this movie.


So, whether you are cheerleaders, waiting for summer cheerleading camp, college cheerleading fans, a gymnastics lover, or you just like to compete to prove yourself, virtual cheer battle films may be the only thing you want to stream at the moment.

We hope that you loved the list of cheerleader movies as much as we did. They will keep you occupied enough to cheer through the rest of the week.

Adios from our side!

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