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Hello Ninja

August 16, 2021
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If you are wondering which show would be the best to watch with the whole family, the Hello Ninja TV series is a good option. It is a light animated TV series written by Susan Kim. The story revolves around Wesley, Georgie, his best friend, and Pretzel, his orange cat. The 4 seasons of Hello Ninja are all available on Netflix. The first season of the series was aired on Netflix in November 2019.


Hello Ninja is an animated series full of adventures. Ninja pals Wesley and Georgie and the silly cat sidekick Pretzel turn into a helpful Ninja trio to solve problems. When Wesley puts his hands together, he bows to his reflection in the mirror and says, “Hello, Ninja!” Wesley and Georgie are transported into a magical world where their adventures begin. Wesley’s grandmother, Baa Chan, is a great character who does all she can to support Wesley and his friends and imparts wise life lessons on the adventure-loving Ninjas to make them improve their ninja skills. In the pilot episode Cottontail Ninja, for example, Wesley’s parents ask him and his friends to take care of a rabbit. But of course, the rabbit escapes their supervision. They will need all their Ninja abilities to find him and get him back safely. They will find themselves in adventures like finding a lost kitten, going on a kitchen mission, a treasure hunt, a dangerous lava leap and even a wild bike ride, besides also having to save Pretzel once too.


Hello Ninja

The Hello Ninja voice cast includes: Lukas Engel: Wesley. Mayumi Yoshida: Baa-Chan, Wesley’s wise grandmother. Zoey Siewert: Georgie, Wesley’s BFF. Shannon Chan-Kent: Wesley’s mom. Sam Vincent: Pretzel, the cat. Vincent Tong: Wesley’s Dad.


The series Hello Ninja was created by N.D Wilson and directed by Michael Dowding. It was written by Susan Kim. This series was first released on Netflix in November 2019. The second and third seasons were released in 2020, while the fourth was released in Jan 2021.

Where can I watch it?

You can watch all the seasons of Hello Ninja on Netflix.

Why do people like this TV series so much?

Hello Ninjas is an exciting series that revolves around children who transform themselves into Ninjas and solve problems using their superpower. It was specifically created for children, so families like to watch it together. 59% of Google users give it a positive rating. Wesley and his friends also convey a valuable message for kids, like the importance of teamwork.

Frequently asked questions

Hello Ninja

Should children watch Hello Ninja?

Yes! It is recommended for children, especially preschool kids because it conveys positive messages.

Who made this series and why?

N. D Wilson created this series after his successful book ‘Hello Ninjas’ was released.

Is Hello Ninja funny?

Yes, Hello Ninja is funny and educational at the same time.

How long ago was Hello Ninja released?

Hello Ninja was released in November 2019.

Is Hello Ninja based on a book with the same name?

Yes, Hello Ninja is based on a book by N.D. Wilson, that bears the same name.

How many seasons are there?

There are four seasons of Hello Ninja for a total of 39 episodes.


Hello Ninja is an animated series packed with ninja fun for kids of all ages.