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How Much Does Netflix Streaming Cost per month?

July 14, 2021
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How Much Does Netflix Streaming Cost per month?

At the moment, Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the market. While this is obvious, engaging millions of subscribers worldwide with different licensed and Netflix original content comes with costs.

Netflix cost is based on what users need from the streaming service. That’s why Netflix provides tiered plans for users to choose what suits them.

If you want a basic plan, you’ll have to pay $9 every month. However, this is cheap when you compare it with what other competitors like Hulu are offering.

For more than the basic plan, users have to pay $18 every month. Another essential thing to note is that Netflix offers DVD and Blu-ray discs. Let’s take a look at the various Netflix subscriptions.

Netflix Subscription plans

Netflix offers three subscription plans, including basic, standard, and premium, providing different streaming services. First off, a basic plan provides similar features to a premium plan. The only downside is—basic plan subscribers can access the standard definition. Standard plans can stream in HD while the most expensive, the premium plan enables you to access 4K Ultra HD content.

Note that there is a critical difference in how many people can use the same account. The plans start at one user per account—which is the cheapest.

The most expensive of the plans are up to four people to use the same account simultaneously.

Therefore, family and friends can access the streaming service anytime from anywhere, enabling you to cut down the Netflix cost.

For instance, when four users watch the same show simultaneously, they can share the Netflix cost.

That means each of them will pay $5 per month.

In addition, each subscription allows users to download content which they can watch later. You can download content onto one device, two, four with the basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan, respectively.

Netflix has three subscription plans:

  • Basic costs $8.99/month. you’ll get have access to streaming and downloading content on one device and unlimited movies and TV shows
  • Standard costs $13.99/month. Under the Standard Plan, you’ll have access to streaming and downloading content on two devices, HD content, and unlimited movies and TV shows.
  • Premium costs $17.99/month. Under the Premium Plan, you’ll have access to streaming and downloading content on four devices, Ultra HD content, and unlimited movies and TV shows.

Plans and Pricing Netflix

How to sign up for Netflix?

To sign up for a Netflix account:

  • Go to Netflix’s website.
  • Click “get started” and enter your email.
  • Follow the prompts and select which plan you want.
  • Finish the sign-up process and you’re done!

Can you share a Netflix account?

Depending on your Netflix plan, you can have multiple accounts stream content at the same time. However, any account can create multiple user profiles.

The cost of Netflix’s DVD and Blu-ray subscription

Another vital thing about Netflix is that it sends you discs that you can watch for a long time. Also, they instantly send you another disc on the line once you return the initial disc. You can watch as many discs as you want—it only depends on how fast you watch the discs.

Discs allow users to order various content, including those Netflix doesn’t offer. Netflix takes one to three working days to send a disc. Once you finish watching, you can put it in a red envelope and send it through email. Surprisingly, many people are still using Netflix’s email service to order DVDs because of the opportunity to access various content. The standard Netflix DVD subscription costs $8 per month, allowing you to access limitless DVDs. On the other hand, Blu-rays go at $10 per month, allowing you to access one disc at a time. Conclusion Let’s face it. While it’s every Netflix user’s wish to access the top quality content, Netflix streaming services don’t come at a cheap. For a great experience, you have to choose the premium plan—but it’s expensive for one person.

However, you can take advantage of Together Price services, allowing you to share costs in a group. For instance, the shared price for Netflix premium is $2.99 for each person every month.

You can register on our website for free and try to create a Netflix group or join an existing group with available slots.

How to use Together Price?

Together Price makes sharing a subscription plan easy. You can share multiple streaming services—like Netflix—with Together Price. You can either become an admin of a sharing group or join an existing sharing group.

When you create your own group, you have the ability to decide who joins your shared subscription. When you join an existing group, you have to get accepted by the admins through approval ratings.

With Together Price, you don’t have to worry about regulating the payments, managing the subscription, and more. Together Price will do it all for you.

As an Admin:

  • Register an account on Together Price
  • Create a sharing group
  • Add members to your sharing group
  • Accept payments from the other members

As a Joiner:

  • Register an account on Together Price
  • Find a sharing group you’d like to join
  • Request to join the group
  • Send your payment to the account holder Start watching today and enjoy Together Price!