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How to share your Netflix subscription
August 31, 2020
2 min

In this guide you will discover how to share Netflix subscription by using Together Price.

Together Price allows you to manage the group and collect money easily.

With Together Price you will only spend $4.49 per month and be sure to receive $13.50 from your group on time**!

This is where Together Price steps in.

Together Price allows you to split the monthly subscription costs in a safe and simple way.

What is Together Price?

Together Price is the first digital online sharing platform worldwide.

It helps people get together in sharing groups and oversees the whole sharing protocol in a safe and secure environment.

It allows groups of friends, housemates, colleagues and family members to organise a division of the costs of digital multi-account services.

Read on to learn how you can share your Netflix subscription on Together Price.

How to share Netflix on Together Price

You can use Together Price in two ways:

  1. You can make your subscription available to share as an ADMIN or
  2. you can share the subscription managed by another user as a JOINER.

To become an Admim, you just have to sign up to the platform for free.

You then have to create a sharing proposal, choosing the premade model of the multi account plan Netflix Premium, with the official price already set up to $17.99, and enter the number of available slots, for example 3.

Once you’ve created the sharing proposal, it gets published to the Network, in the Together Price community, where it is visible and can be searched for by other users.

If you become an Admin, you can use Together Price for free.

You will receive payments from the members of your group ($4.49 per person) directly into your Together Price wallet, and after 25 days, you’ll be able to transfer the accumulated balance to your bank account.

In this way, Together Price becomes the reference point for sharing the cost of Netflix, in a safe and secure way.

What’s more, it eliminates the embarrassment of having to ask for people’s payment every month.

How to use Together Price as a JOINER

If you prefer to just add yourself to a group instead of managing one, you simply have to send a request to the Admin of any available group.

Once you’re accepted in the group, you’ll be able to send the sum of $4.49 to your Admin, plus a small transaction fee to Together Price for the management of the bank transaction and sharing protocols.

Together Price will handle the renewals of the subscriptions every month.

Sharing doesn’t have to be a permanent contract!

You can decide whether to leave the shared subscription at any moment. You simply don’t renew your participation sum.

What are you waiting for?

Share Netflix Premium subscription and pay only $4.49


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