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Is Annabelle on Netflix?

December 27, 2021
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Annabelle” is a supernatural horror/thriller film created by director John R. Leonetti and screen written by Gary Dauberman. It was released in 2014.

It’s the sequel to 2013 “The Conjuring” and the prelude to “The Conjuring 2”.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s story about Annabelle the doll inspired the film. It is the story of a beautiful and rare doll with a perfect horror twist.

You can stream and watch ”Annabelle” on Netflix. Unfortunately, watching “Annabelle” is unavailable on Netflix US but available on British Netflix and HBO Max.


Dr John Form gives his pregnant wife Mia the perfect gift for the collection of dolls they are creating for the daughter they are expecting. It is an ancient, beautiful and rare doll made of porcelain for their nursery in Santa Monica, California.

The murder of their next-door neighbours, the Higgins, wakes them up one night. John orders Mia to call the cops when he returns from the neighbour’s house, with blood all over him. Mia hears a woman’s voice coming from the nursery, and when she goes to see who it is, a man stabs her from behind.

John tries to fight the attacker but is overcome and knocked out. Inside the nursery, the man attempts to stab Mia again but is shot by the police, who arrive just in time. The woman kills herself by slicing her throat while holding the doll. According to reports, the attackers are the estranged daughter of the neighbours, Annabelle Higgins, and her mystery boyfriend, both disciples of the Ram.

A Scene from Annabelle

Strange paranormal events occur around the Form’s home after the attack. Mia gives birth to a baby girl they name Leah, and the family moves to another house in Pasadena. They find the doll in one of the boxes from their previous home, and weird things start to happen again. The night after, Mia sees a shadowy figure she believes is Annabelle’s spirit in the basement. The terrible shape chases her up the stairs. Mia barely manages to escape through the emergency exit.

To learn more about Annabelle and her cult, Mia contacts Detective Clarkin. She finds out that the cult summons demons and that these demons often attach themselves to objects. After Mian and Leah are attacked by the demon, the Forms turn to a priest for help. Father Perez explains to them why those demons seek human souls and is also attacked by the demon.

Father Perez warns John that the demon is out to claim Mia’s soul, but he can’t get the message to his wife. The demon abducts Leah in exchange for her mother’s soul that same night.

Mia understands that the only way to save her baby is to jump out of the window with the doll and kill herself.

What happens next is up to you to find out.

Top Cast

Annabelle - The Doll

Annabelle Wallis as Mia Form.

Ward Horton as John Form.

Alfre Woodard as Evelyn.

Tony Amendola as Father Perez

Kerry O’Malley as Sharon Higgins.

Brian Howe as Pete Higgins.

Eric Ladin as Detective Clarkin.

Ivar Brogger as Dr. Burgher.

Gabriel Bateman as Robert.

Shiloh Nelson as Nancy.

Geoff Wehner as Neighbor.

Tree O’Toole as Annabelle “Janice” Higgins.

Keira Daniels as 7-year-old Annabelle Higgins.

Robin Pearson Rose as the Mother.



Annabelle” is a sequel to “The Conjuring”, focusing on the origins of the Annabelle doll. It was designed to be a stand-alone film. Still, “Annabelle” hit the box office and was of instant appeal to fans of “The Conjuring”.

Why Do People Like This Film So Much?

Though this movie brought nothing new to the table, as a sequel to “The Conjuring,” the horror film fans loved it. ”Annabelle” is a well-made film with excellent historical accuracy and instant box office success. The cinematography is astounding, and it is really justified as a horror film.

Where Can I Watch It?

You Can Watch ”Annabelle” on Netflix. It is not available on US Netflix, but you can change your region to Canada, Australia, India, or the United Kingdom and watch “Annabelle”.

Can I Watch “Annabelle” on Netflix UK?


Yes, on September 25, 2021, it became available for streaming online on Netflix UK.

However, you can watch “Annabelle” by changing your region using a VPN. Here’s four-step how you can set it up:

  • Install the VPN program of your choice from the Google Play Store or any website.

  • Connect to your newly created VPN account.

  • Choose the country where “Annabelle” is available.

  • Open the Netflix app - it should now display the content available in your selected country.


Which Services Stream “Annabelle”?

You can stream “Annabelle” online on Hulu and HBO Max.

Is There A Site Where I Can Watch “Annabelle” for Free?

No, you cannot watch “Annabelle” for free on any site.