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James Franco Movies on Netflix

November 25, 2021
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Netflix contains a great number of movies starring James Franco. Many are older titles that have been available for a while, but there are some newer releases as well.

The list of James Franco movies is very long, but that’s not a bad thing! There are quite a few different titles to choose from, and the variety gives you options for what you feel like watching, depending on the genre.

With all the other Franco movies in his filmography, you are sure to get a good number of options to choose from. So let’s move onto the list, shall we?

5 Best James Franco Movies Streaming on Netflix

Below are the 5 best James Franco movies streaming on Netflix. The titles are in no particular order, but each of them is great to stream when you feel like that type of movie. So pick your favourite or pick one at random!

The Great Raid (2005)

The Great Raid is a war-action movie filmed in 2005. Franco plays Lt. Colonel Mucci in the film. The Great Raid is a heroic story that delivers excellent action and suspense with an emotional side to it.

Lt. Mucci leads his men into battle to save 77 prisoners from the death camps in the Philippines during World War II. The movie depicts the events surrounding one of the most daring rescue missions in our history. The film has a great cast and is sure to show the best of Franco’s acting ability.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

James Franco and Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is based on the top bestselling novel with the same title. It is a romantic comedy-drama film directed by Ryan Murphy in 2010. Franco plays Javier, who wants to get Julia Roberts back even though she dumped him. Julia Roberts plays Liz Gilbert. Her character decides to spend a year of her life travelling to three different countries after she gets divorced.

The film director wanted the movie to reflect the theme of transformation highlighted in the book: healing and finding love again. The movie was filmed in Bali, India and Italy. The scenes of the film are gorgeous and provide an eye-catching backdrop to this interesting story.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, a good Western film and the most recent of Franco’s movies streaming on Netflix USA. It is an anthology of six different stories that are interwoven into one. The title character, Buster Scruggs, is a gold prospector who comes across many troubles while he searches for gold. These stories will certainly make you laugh, cry, and do everything in between.

Each tale is very different in setting, theme, and style. The movie was written, produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.

The Disaster Artist (2017)

James and Dave Franco in The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a biographical comedy-drama film that was released in 2017 and directed by Franco himself.

James stars as Tommy Wiseau. The movie tells the true story about how Tommy created his film, “The Room,” and his friendship with Greg Sestero. The Room is considered one of the worst movies ever made, but it has gained a massive cult following after its release because it was so bad it became funny.

The Disaster Artist also casts Dave Franco, Jason’s brother.

The Interview (2014)

The Interview is a political black action film directed by Evan Goldberg, released in 2014. Franco plays Dave Skylark, who is an entertainment TV host. The CIA enlists Skylark and Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen) to assassinate Kim Jong-Un because of his evil rule in North Korea.

The Interview was controversial when it came out because Sony Pictures’ emails were hacked, which led to threats being made towards movie theatres that played the film. The threats forced Sony to cancel all movie showings, but it was eventually released online. It is currently available on Netflix USA.

Summing Up

James Franco is a fantastic actor. He won several prizes for his outstanding work in both dramas and comedies alike. These movies are currently available on Netflix to watch any time you want!

These films are also great to watch with family and friends. James Franco has shown his acting prowess in these films and is sure to make you laugh & cry out loud! Happy streaming!

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