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September 27, 2021
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What could be the extent of a persons’ obsession with sneakers? No need to wonder anymore. Sneakerheads TV series by Netflix brings this to you. The story revolves around obsession for a pair of sneakers. The funny side of today’s sneaker culture is shown in the TV series with impressive clarity. The series has a maturity rating of 16+, and its genre is comedy. Sneaker Heads TV series was first premiered on Netflix in September 2020.


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The plot revolves around a stay-at-home dad, Devin, whose hidden obsession for sneakers comes to light. Once in the store, he meets Bobby and falls for one of his crazy schemes losing a large sum of money. From here on, Devin wants to regain his lost money before his wife finds out. To do so, Devin, Bobby, Nori, and Stuey form a team. They will embark on a mission to find a one of a kind, mythical pair of sneakers.


The TV series Sneaker Heads was created by Jay Longino. The series has the following cast members:

Allen Maldonado as Devin: Devin is the protagonist. He is a reasonable person who is managing his family life well. He has become very pragmatic over time and sees things mathematically. However, the craze for sneakers he had from his youth resurfaces, and he decides to buy a particular pair for himself.

Andrew Bachelor as Bobby: Bobby is an amusing character. With his crazy ideas, he initially makes Devin buy an unsuitable pair of shoes. He then comes up with crazy ideas to find the mythical pair of best kicks in the game to let Devin recover his lost money.

Jearnest Corchado as Nori: She is a shoe dealer who finds rare shoes for sneakerheads. She joins Devin and Bobby to help them find the mythical pair of sneakers.

Matthew Josten as Stuey: Stuey is a rich kid obsessed with rare sneakers as well. He has money but no friends. So, he joins the team with Nori, Bobby, and Devin to find the mythical pair of shoes.

Yaani King as Christine: She is Devin’s wife. She is very pragmatic. She does not like sneakerheads.

Other cast members in the TV series include: • Justin Lee as Cole • Aja Evans as Gia


Where can I watch Sneakerheads?

Sneakerheads is a Netflix original series. You can watch the TV series on Netflix.

Why do People like this TV Show so much?

Everyone has some kind of obsession, so it is easy to relate. The TV series also exposes the story of the sneaker-related obsession. Besides, when the stay at home dad wonders whether to decide between his craze for sneakers and his family responsibilities, it is something that has happened to everybody. The series is a typical comedy of errors giving its viewers a good laugh.

The series is enjoyable and engaging. Viewers cannot resist joining the team of sneakerheads to find the mythical pair of sneakers.

Is Sneakerheads a real-life story?

The simple answer is no. Sneakerhead is not a true life story. However, the creator of the TV show has given shape to the Sneakerheads according to his own experiences. For example, Jay Longino once went to Hong Kong and saw an entire street called ‘Sneakers Street’ full of different types of sneakers. So the theme, and to some extent, the story of Sneakerheads, is inspired by his real-life experience.