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Where to Watch The Polar Express

November 26, 2021
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Polar Express is a computer-animated Christmas fantasy film released in 2004, directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on the eponymous book by Chris Van Allsburg.

Polar Express was totally filmed in motion capture and later computer-animated.

The movie was such a sensation that it even inspired the Polar Express Experience in Seaworld Orlando until 2015.

The film was released in two formats in cinemas and theatres worldwide: the usual 35mm format and the 3D version for IMAX.


It’s Christmas Eve, and a boy is lying in bed having doubts about the existence of Santa Claus.

He suddenly hears a loud noise outside his house. He gets up to see what the noise is and sees a train stop right outside his doorstep.

The train conductor tells him to hop on and that they are heading to the North Pole.

The Polar Express

The boy meets a girl and a boy nicknamed Know-it-all on the train. The train then makes another stop to pick up a boy named Billy, who refuses to get on at first. But once the train starts again, he changes his mind, and they pull the emergency brake to give him time to get onboard.

After various hick-ups and an incredible ride, the train arrives at the North Pole. The conductor discloses that one of the children will receive the first Christmas gift from Santa himself.

A series of mishaps will lead to an adventure through Santa’s workshop.

In the end, the boy who had doubts is chosen to receive the first gift.

He asks to have Santa’s bell.

Once returned home, though, only he and his little sister can hear the bell ring. His parents hear nothing. Because only those who truly believe in Santa Claus can hear it ring.

Who Are The Voice Actors In The Polar Express?

Tom Hanks plays different roles in The Polar Express

The movie features Tom Hanks in six different roles:

Hero Boy (adult), Hero boy’s father, the train Conductor, the Hobo, the Scrooge puppet and Santa Claus.

Daryl Sabara as Hero boy (child).

Nona Gaye as Hero Girl.

Peter Scolari as Billy.

Eddie Deezen as Know-it-all.

Where Can People Watch The Polar Express?

With the holiday season approaching rapidly, the question is: where can you find The Polar Express to stream with the family at home? Luckily, many websites offer The Polar express online.

Every year, The Polar Express is aired on television to give people the chance to see this classic holiday movie. But with so many channels and streaming services, it can be difficult to determine where exactly you can find the film. You can find it on ABC Family, Freeform, HBO Now, Hulu, DIRECTV NOW, STARZ, Netflix Streaming Services, and Amazon Prime Video.

Why Watch The Polar Express?

A scene from The Polar Express

Apart from the fact that it stars an excellent Tom Hanks in multiple roles, the animation is really fantastic.

It is one of the best Xmas films to watch if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, and it can be watched with the whole family together.

Can I Watch The Polar Express on Disney Plus?

Yes, you can enjoy The Polar Express at Disney Plus. The Polar Express was added to Disney Plus in 2009.


The Polar Express is certainly one of the best Xmas movies in recent years, and it’s available on many different streaming services. If you’re looking for a Christmas movie to watch this holiday season, I highly recommend this one!