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Can You Share your Microsoft 365 family?
July 28, 2021
2 min
Can You Share your Microsoft 365 family?

Microsoft is the leading innovator in workspace technology. The latest Office apps like Word and Excel come bundled in Microsoft’s latest plan Microsoft Office 365. The team at Microsoft has perfected their services and has made it super simple to learn how to share Microsoft 365 family family plan so you and all your favorite people can be more productive. If you’re wondering how can you share a Microsoft Office subscription, it’s easy and at Together Price we thrive to make it the simplest it can possibly be with the guaranteed biggest savings.

Can I share my Office 365 with family?

Sharing your Office 365 subscription with the family has never been easier. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to share the Microsoft 365 Family subscription account with up to 6 people by paying just $9.99 por month. This means 6 people have their own profile to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, FamilySafety, and Skype on all their devices. That’s right, there’s no limit, so make sure to get the biggest bang for your buck and download it on all your devices at home and in the office.

Here more about Microsoft Office 365 pricing and plans.

How do I share my Office 365 subscription on Together Price?

If you already have Microsoft 365 but you’re looking to save on your subscription, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you already plan on sharing your account with family and friends or you need to find group members Together Price is the perfect all-in-one software to manage your Microsoft 365 shared plans or any other shared subscriptions you may have.

And the process is so simple, let me tell you how:

First, sign up for Together Price completely free.

After following the instructions on our website and verifying your email you will be brought to your profile dashboard where you can find other users like you, who are already sharing their streaming subscription with our trusted community.

Then create a new shared group using the ‘Create Group’ button on the top right of your dashboard. Simply, input all your account information, give it a name and you’re more than halfway to saving big on your subscription.

Finally, as Together Price ‘Admin’ your work is easy. With Office 365 family plan you can have a total of 6 profiles so either send out your group invites to friends, family, roommates, and co-workers or wait for users to join to automatically receive monthly payouts from each of your group members.

How do I access my family in Office 365 with Together Price

If you’ve been in the market for Microsoft 365 but just don’t have the budget for it, consider sharing. In order to access a Microsoft 365 family account, you must sign up for Together Price as a ‘Joiner’. And that process is even easier than being an ‘Admin’. Here’s how you do it:

First, sign up for Together Price absolutely free.

After signing up and verifying your email you will be brought to your very own profile dashboard.

In the search bar type in ‘Microsoft 365’ to find all the trusted Together Price users who are already sharing their family plans.

Then choose which group is the best for you, apply, and be automatically accepted to your group.

Finally, input your payment method and get ready to pay as little as $2.65 a month for Microsoft 365.

Don’t miss out! Share Microsoft 365 now for as little as $2.65 a month!

How to join in a Microsoft Office 365 sharing group



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