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How To Share Peacock

July 28, 2021
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How To Share Peacock

What is Peacock?

Peacock is an online video streaming service with a variety of subscription options.

The platform offers thousands of hours of films and television shows available to watch instantly.

Users can choose between a free Peacock account, a Premium account, and a Premium Plus account.

Can a Peacock Account Be Shared?

Yes! Whether you’re using a free Peacock account or paying for a monthly subscription, you can share a Peacock account with whomever you want.

A Peacock account allows you to create up to six user profiles. More than six people can access the Peacock account, but only six user profiles can be made.

How Many Devices can be Used on a Peacock Account?

A Peacock account can stream on up to three devices at once.

However, the devices do not need to be registered to the account. You can stream your Peacock account on an unlimited number of devices.

Free Peacock Account

Peacock offers a free account. But you can only stream a portion of the selection of films and television shows from their online library.

Users can also access daily news, pop culture, and sports with this account.

The free Peacock account comes with ads within the streaming service.

This free account can be shared with anyone you want.

Peacock Premium Account

The Peacock Premium subscription is currently priced at $4.99 a month.

A Peacock Premium account offers a wider variety of movies and television shows that can be streamed at any time.

Live sports games and television shows can also be streamed using a Peacock Premium account.

A Peacock Premium account comes with ads, which can be removed by upgrading to Premium Plus.

This Peacock Premium account can be shared with other users and streamed on an unlimited number of devices.

Peacock Premium Plus Account

With a Peacock Premium Plus account, you can stream the entire library of films and television shows that Peacock has to offer.

This streaming service is completely ad-free.

Similar to the other accounts, a Peacock Premium Plus account can be shared.

The subscription to a Peacock Premium Plus account is currently priced at $9.99 a month.

How Can Together Price Help You?

You can save up to 80% on your Peacock TV subscription with Together Price.

By joining Together Price, you and the people of your choice, can share the costs of a Together Price option.

Currently, over 1 million users save money every month with Together Price.

How Do You Join Together Price?

1. Sign Up Today to Create an Account You can sign up to Together Price using an existing Google or Facebook account.

If you don’t have one, you can create an account using your current email address.

2. Choose the Subscription you would like to Share You can share almost any online subscription using Together Price.

The platform’s search engine can be used to find the subscription of your choice. Choose one or more of these subscriptions and share them.

3. Decide between Joining a Sharing Group or Creating a Sharing Group Users can join or create sharing groups to begin sharing the cost of subscriptions.

After registering, you have the option to join an existing group or form a new group.

4. New Groups need to Share the Invitation Link When creating a new sharing group, send the invitation link to the members you want to include in the group.

Once they have access to the sharing group, they can pay their portion of the subscription directly within the group.

Together Price will take the hassle out of sharing the cost of your favorite online subscriptions.

Now it’s easier than ever to share subscription costs!

What are you waiting for? Start using Together Price today to save up to 80% on your monthly subscriptions.