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Scribd Cost
July 27, 2021
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Scribd Cost

I’m one of those people who just don’t like reading books. Maybe it’s because I read the same sentence over and over again without comprehending it. It happens pretty frequently for me, however, I found out that I can listen to audio and comprehend things so much better. This is where Scribd comes in. Below I will discuss my experience with Scribd and see about how I can help you save 65% off of your Scribd Cost.

What is Scribd?

Scribd has been described as the “netflix” for books. They are a subscription service for reading on and Scribd mobile apps, with more than 1 million titles to read from Scribd’s growing library of books, ebooks, audiobooks, comics & graphic novels.

Scribd is pretty similar to Audible with how they have similar collections as well as interfaces, however, Scribd gives “unlimited access” to their materials.

Scribd offers a great selection of audiobooks. I love that Scribd constantly updates their library with new books and stays up to date on popular book releases like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games series because they know if you don’t get one before your trial is over, you’ll have to wait forever for them at the public library! If there are any authors my kids loves reading but we can’t find an appropriate version in audio format locally, then this site has been really helpful too - sometimes these come out months after publication so waiting was our only alternative until now!

My subscription to Scribd has been worth it so far. I’ve listened to podcasts on my way home from work, and read a few e-books when the time is right. But what I love most about this service are audiobooks!

I can’t get enough of them - they’re perfect for long commutes or anything else that would otherwise make me bored in silence (the worst!). Plus, an unlimited number of books means there’s never any excuse not be entertained with your headphones plugged into your ears.

How much does it cost to join Scribd?

Scribd costs $9.99 a month with the Scribd subscription service. Scribd has no yearly or other fees, and offers an unlimited subscription for its services.

I love audiobooks! I’m addicted. It sucks that there are limits in place for my addiction, but it doesn’t mean the service isn’t awesome either way. I use Scribd every single day because of all this: 1) The unlimited number of titles available 2) Unlimited listening 3) They have a great selection 4) You get your first month free 5.) There’s no need for wifi.

How to Reduce your Scribd Cost

If you love listening to audiobooks, Scribd is phenomenal. It’s has more features, it’s better than their biggest competitor Audible, and it’s less expensive as well. ($9.99 vs $14.99). If you want to save 65%, go to TogetherPrice to sign up and get your Scribd memebership for a substantial cost savings.



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