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Showtime Account Sharing

June 30, 2021
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Showtime Account Sharing

If you enjoy watching movies, chances are that at some point, you’ve had to use the Netflix login details of your family member or bosom friend, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lots of streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Apple Music, and Nintendo have the option that allows and encourages you to share your subscriptions with others or use their login details. While these subscription packages come at a price (sometimes too expensive), it has in many ways created a sense of togetherness, and for most people, the joy of sharing with loved ones is satisfying.

And while you enjoy the joys of sharing, why not enjoy the joys of saving as well? With Together Price, that is precisely what you’ll do legally, safely and happily! Read on and find out all about it!


Streaming service providers are churning out newer and more flexible packages for their subscribers; fortunately, Showtime is one of the few standalone services that offer no pay-TV subscription. With this, their counterpart HBO no longer holds the title of the only premium standalone no pay-TV channel. And viewers can stream everything from hit movies, sports, documentaries, comedies, and more on these channels.

Is Showtime free?

30-day free trial on Showtime

Showtime Networks Inc., a Viacom CBS company, is free for 30 days, where you can watch commercial-free full old or new episodes band star-studded movies, Showtime channels, Showtime championship boxing and groundbreaking documentaries accessible for viewing solely on the Showtime Anytime app. After the 30 days are over, you will have to pay for the Showtime subscription.

What’s more?

Showtime’s streaming service is available at $11 per month on Apple devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku media streamers. The best part is that once you activate your standalone Showtime subscription, you can access the wide range of Showtime on-demand programs on any desktop or laptop computer, Roku players,, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and devices, Android TV, your favorite mobile devices, etc. Showtime networks inc, a Viacom CBS company, also has a Showtime Anytime app so that you can enjoy the Showtime streaming service anywhere through your favorite devices.

You can watch the Showtime streaming service even with your satellite TV package (depending on the TV provider you use). Call your TV provider for more information. Therefore stream Showtime from today!

How to get a Showtime account

Get Showtime now!

Follow the steps written below to get a Showtime account and subscription:-

  • Visit through your web browser to start your free trial.

  • Click on the “Start your free trial” option shown on the home screen.

  • Enter your email address and confirm the email address via the link received in your email.

  • Create your password and click on the signup option.

  • Once the free trial ends, start using your subscription and make the payment.

You can have access to your favorite programs from anywhere and anytime by signing in to your account on the Showtime Anytime app. Therefore, download the Showtime Anytime app and start watching the most on-demand content.

Can you share a Showtime account?

Yes, you can. That is because, with your Showtime subscription, you can sign up to as many as five different devices and stream from up to 3 of them at the same time.

How many users can use Showtime simultaneously?

Five members of a household and three devices at a time can use Showtime, meaning that you can conveniently share it with your family members and a friend.

How can I watch Showtime with friends?

Enjoy programs airing live with your friends

Very easy. Once you know the movie or program you’d like to watch, go into it and look out for the “Watch Party Button.” Once you’ve clicked on it, the next thing you’ll want to do is to click “Start The Party.” It’ll immediately redirect you to a screen where you’ll find a link for your viewing session.

Can you watch PPV Showtime on multiple devices?

In this case, you’re allowed to stream the PPV event on one device only. That is, once you try to stream it on another device, it automatically terminates the stream on the first device you were using.

How do I purchase the PPV event on Showtime?

  • Firstly, search for

  • Next, find the PPV banner and select “Buy Now $74.99.”

  • Select “Sign in Now.” Then, put in your Showtime email and password to proceed.

  • Select your preferred payment method and click “Order Now.”

Who can use Showtime?

So far, Showtime’s terms of use clearly state that its service is available to only those in the United States. It implies that if you’re trying to access their services using a VPN, they’ll soon disable that entryway like HBO did to VPN accesses.

How to share the cost of Showtime on Together Price

Get all your Live TV on Showtime and save on Together Price

Did you know you can save up to 80% on your favourite digital services like Showtime?

Yes, now you can save money and stream Showtime anytime, using Together Price.

Together Price is an online platform that will save you over 80% of your money while you watch Showtime Networks Inc. and its star-studded movies, shows, etc. No matter how cheap streaming services say they are, ordinary people know that that is not always the case. Entertainment should not be this costly. That is why Together Price is here!

Together Price is also safe and guarantees to guard your account’s passwords and credentials so that you can use their site without any worry!

Here’s a guide on how you can use Together Price to manage group subscription plans, split costs and connect with your mates, all from the comfort of your device.

How To create an account on Together Price

Visit Then create a free account by clicking “Sign Up Now.”

Step 1:

  • Sign in using Google or fill in your name and email address. Then select sign up.

  • Select your date of birth, country, state and city of residence, and promo code (if you have one).

  • Check the box below if you’d like to receive promotional messages from Together Price (optional).

  • Finally, click on “Accept and Continue” to proceed.

Step 2:

Here, you’ll have access to the page that shows various services you’d like to share or that you’re already sharing. Select one or more of the services from the options and click on “Continue.”

Voila! If you have selected Showtime, Together Price will automatically show you how much you’ll save in a year from sharing the cost of your subscription.

Click on “Start Sharing,” and you’ll have the option of finding other people you know who are registered members of Together Price. This step is vital because it’ll help you speed up the threshold of the sharing process and find out what your friends are sharing. You can then either share their subscription or share your subscription with them.

If you’d like to skip this search, just click on “will do later.”

Step 3:

Finally, it takes you to the point where you can either join a sharing group or become an admin (this gives you the right to share the service you’ve already purchased with others; who are in the group you create).

Note that this applies to all the Streaming services on Together Price. Hence, you do not need to bear the cost alone, as you can start sharing your subscription with your friends and loved ones starting now.

Instead of subscribing on Showtime or Netflix only, Together Price allows you to spread your money across such that you can enjoy the features of multiple streaming services at a minimal price simply by sharing your subscription. More so, it’s an opportunity to save money, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Of course, we all do!

This means now you can watch Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and whatever else you want to subscribe to.

As an Admin, Together Price will give you the authority over your group and what members you choose. You will not have to worry about someone not paying because Together Price will care for that. If somehow you are not satisfied with it, Together Price will give you your money back!

And signing up for Together Price is free!

Summing Up

With Together Price, you can watch the new episodes, sports and latest broadcasts of Showtime East and Showtime West, depending upon your region, for a low price along with trusted partners.

What are you waiting for? Join right now!