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SquareTrade Smartphone Insurance Cost

July 17, 2021
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SquareTrade Smartphone Insurance Cost

Our Smartphones serve as a lifeline, a tool for work, and, in some circumstances, a family bond. For many people, life without a Smartphone is unthinkable, but it’s a real thing. Smartphone insurance is, however, available in a country that tries to insure every property. In recent years, a slew of insurers has come up, promising to eliminate the chaos created by the sudden absence of these useful tools. These organizations tell us that we will not be without our Smartphone for more than a few hours if it is damaged due to accidents such as drops and spills, etc. since they try to promptly resolve claims & replace our valued products. However, is this insurance truly cost-effective? Is it delivering the service that customers expect? So, if you’re interested in learning more, scroll down to the bottom of this article to find out how much SquareTrade Smartphone Insurance costs.

Is it necessary to have Smartphone insurance if the device is still under warranty?

Most Smartphones come with a limited warranty; however, it usually only covers hardware issues & not damage caused by users accidentally.

SquareTrade Smartphone insurance

Allstate backs SquareTrade, which is described as one of the most cost-effective Smartphone insurance plans on the market. SquareTrade offers low-cost multi-device plans with higher claim allowances than many other insurance companies. SquareTrade covers all makes and models of smartphones, regardless of age or carrier. Liquid damage, touch screen failures, cracked screens, battery failure, charging port failure, and speak/audio failure are covered under this SquareTrade Smartphone insurance. It does not, however, cover loss or theft.

How does SquareTrade Smartphone insurance work?

If the damage is caused by an approved accident or malfunction, SquareTrade will repair or replace the covered device.

SquareTrade Smartphone Insurance cost

The monthly cost of SquareTrade smartphone insurance is $8.99, and you can purchase coverage for up to five phones for the same price. Alternatively, you can opt for the family SquareTrade smartphone insurance plan, which is a package deal that includes coverage for up to four different phones for $19.99 per month. You can get insurance for any phone, old or new, with these plans. You may sign up for a one-year plan for $89, a two-year plan for $129, or a three-year plan for $159 with SquareTrade smartphone insurance, but the deductibles stay the same at $99 per claim, regardless of the plan you choose. Note that SquareTrade smartphone insurance has an upgrade option ($12.99 monthly) that includes the following benefits - premium tech support, Allstate Roadside Assistance, & identity theft recovery. Why you should go for SquareTrade Smartphone insurance instead of insurance from your phone carrier SquareTrade Smartphone insurance covers you for a fraction of the cost of wireless carrier insurance. What is the maximum amount of money that you can save? Every month, you may save up to 50%—and if your phone breaks, you could save up to $100 in deductibles. A two-year phone contract may save you up to $240. Furthermore, SquareTrade Smartphone insurance provides you the option of having your phone repaired at a local repair shop of your choice, or we’ll cover all shipping expenses and get it fixed quickly in the event that you need to send it in for a repair.

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